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Sumit Singhal
Sumit Singhal
Sumit Singhal loves modern architecture. He comes from a family of builders who have built more than 20 projects in the last ten years near Delhi in India. He has recently started writing about the architectural projects that catch his imagination.


November 8th, 2013 by Sumit Singhal

Article source: TOUZA ARQUITECTOS 


The building will consist of five levels ( basement for parking and facilities , ground, first and second floor for administrative activities , a technical plant facilities ) .

This Basic Project and Execution in full mission program responds to the needs established by the Building Society and limitations covers all requirements set out in the specific Ordinance ” Tertiary Activities ” Partial Plan Sector XII ” Quitapesares derived Ordinance 7- AT ‘s current General Plan.

Image Courtesy © ALFONSO QUIROGA

  • Location: VILLAVICIOSA DE ODON, Spain
  • Photography: ALFONSO QUIROGA
  • Technical Architect: D. JAVIER SANCHEZ MIGUEL
  • Promoter Y builder: FERBOCAR SL
  • Closes: 2009 to 2011
  • Promoter: FERBOCAR Construction Inc. (Don Carlos de la Fuente)

Image Courtesy © ALFONSO QUIROGA

It is configured with the following chapters : Memory , Plans , and Budget summary chapters plus annexes , that complete enough documentation for proper interpretation and use . The Basic and Execution Project defines all technical- constructive , economic , facilities , and structural calculations required for finalizing the building is intended.

Image Courtesy © ALFONSO QUIROGA


Logically based on the program needs of the Promoters , the action that is to almost reach the buildable colmatar allowed. Structuring tertiary use building ( office ) , you have a very representative trace and presence as it is conceived as the construction headquarters ( FERBOCAR ) that develops .

Image Courtesy © ALFONSO QUIROGA

The construction arises with traditional procedures ( concrete structure on stilts HA or metal ) , to ensure correct trim level . To get a final image that is attractive and different effort has been made in the treatment of the facades that project with glass curtain walls with horizontal burner caps finished profiles like ” airplane wing ” and precast concrete panels or sandwich panels sheet steel, this results in a higher quality of design and is a harmonious and evocative .

Image Courtesy © ALFONSO QUIROGA

The building to develop poses a dedicated basement car park with a total of 26 seats, of which 2 meet the required dimensions for use by persons with reduced mobility and leveraging on this floor crawl spaces are located facility rooms .

The remaining floors above ground , with a total of three , are dedicated to office use, with separate offices with glass partitions and office several landscape areas , complete the program with reception and waiting areas and the provision of toilets . Plot area not occupied by the building be landscaped in its entirety.

Image Courtesy © ALFONSO QUIROGA


The project proposes an orderly , harmonious and rational. Prior to the development of the architectural scheme limits the plant of the future building with setbacks of 4.00 meters at its northern facade (towards M -506 ) , 4.50 meters on each side , east and west , and 5.70 m alienation on its facade south facade access or on Avenida de Quitapesares .

Compliments therefore amply , the setbacks established by the planning , the building is set on the ground with two almost symmetrical bodies for offices and communication hub that incorporates a sweeping staircase and two elevators.

Image Courtesy © ALFONSO QUIROGA

The body of the left ( coming from Avenida de Quitapesares ) is defined as a rectangle in plan south façade is set back even further , establishing the closing plane at a distance of 11.10 meters from the outer alignment , while the body of the right , come on that , about 6.40 meters setting a setback with the alignment of 5.70 mts . This intentional ” imbalance ” is justified by not “lock ” the full extent of access to office two bodies , thus being slightly more open this space that sets the input shaft to the building principal . Furthermore, on the left side , to be more ” retranqueada architecture ” , facilitates the incorporation of a frontal glass floor illuminating the basement space and to be raised about 50 cm from the plane ” pisable ” entry , allows natural ventilation , direct , and standing in a front of about 15 meters in length, 50 cm high horizontal slats protected .

Image Courtesy © ALFONSO QUIROGA

Access it is done by a main hall that the top floor is set back leaving a vacuum that integrates both levels as a ” mezzanine ” or balcony in the upper hall . This dealer hall differentiating both volumes and can allocate a wing office activities , typical of the construction , while the other may be allocated to the Group’s branches including property development business , as well as the areas of training and resources humans.

Image Courtesy © ALFONSO QUIROGA

The two bodies on the ground floor along with the central reception hall that connects , defines a plant in “U ” and consume an approximate floor area of 740 m2 .

The first floor is similar , with the only difference that the landing or hallway distribution is ” shorter ” and is offered as a balcony over the main hall getting a sense of expertise that enriches the whole interior volumes . The two office areas slightly in the core and landing represent a floor area of about 650.00 m2 .

The second floor , it is only the left wing, so that the same ” Formal imbalance ” reflected ground is reached on completing titration allowed total floor . This area of offices on the third level along with the core communication and landing ground represents a floor area of about 350.00 m2 .

Image Courtesy © ALFONSO QUIROGA

Finally , it should be noted that projects a utility room annex the main hall flight of stairs provides access to coverage for the care and cleaning. In this zone , which reaches the height of about 11.40 meters ( slightly less than the 11.50 meters of cornice fixed Ordinance ) provides a space for the exclusive use of the building facilities of 70 m2, not computable purposes buildability

Image Courtesy © ALFONSO QUIROGA

The cover is stratified into three levels, the central tower is the tallest and serves as a proxy and the highlight of the whole, the volume on the left ( west ) office which is the shortest plant have three levels (Low + II ), and the volume on the right ( east ) which has only two levels ( Low + I) and is the most advanced body in reference to the main facade. With this titration step combines treatment that fits perfectly with materials used in facade and incorporates sustainable elements to give a green roof treatment to mating of the two office areas .

Image Courtesy © ALFONSO QUIROGA

Below ground , is organizing a basement floor . It has 26 parking spaces. The garage has a whole natural ventilation ratio of 1 m2 per 200 m2 , a mechanical exhaust ventilation that guarantees at least 6 air changes / hour with a full set of detection, protection and extinction if a eventual fire.

They therefore meet all safety and regulatory requirements , existing drainage points that are more than 25 meters from an exit, and projecting highly visible open spaces and larger than those required for building evacuation in case of emergency .

In short, the building that projects have a total construction area of 3014.25 m2 . By not compute underground spaces , or the tower of facilities consumed a building area of 1744.15 m2 , almost colmatando the maximum allowed for this plot .

That is, a TOTAL BUILT AREA m2 3014.25 , 1821.15 m2 of which are above ground, and 1193.10 m2 remaining are below ground .



The horizontal and vertical structure posed unidirectional consists of beams and slabs of ceramic and steel columns and reinforced concrete as structural design . The foundation is solved by central pillar footings and footings border pillars and retaining walls . These reinforced concrete will be 25 cms. thick, and wherever possible , be waterproofed by the backfill . All shoes will be adequately braced by reinforced concrete beams results . The calculation of the structure responds to the application of the following Standards : DB SE- AE Building Shares , DB SE- C foundation ; EHE/98 Concrete Structures ; NCSE -02 Seismic action and the EHE -98 AEstructuras of Concrete @ , and Technology Standards that may be applicable .


Flat roof is projected throughout the set . To be run directly on the last forging, with a vapor barrier type bitumen insulation below the rigid boards composed of 5 cms. extruded polystyrene , then spread a layer of 10 cm. average , outstanding lightweight concrete and placing waterproofing on it , double asphalt 4 kg/m2 , protected by a regularization mortar 2/3 cms. medium thickness . Areas ” not passable ” will be finished with 5 cm of gravel while areas ” passable ” for the maintenance of housing facilities , will be floored with tiles 25×25 , Grecogrés type , with gasket sight.


By its careful design and contrasting volumes , has opted for a mixed system combining facades to accentuate the architectural features of the building. So for the fences ” blind ” has chosen to use precast concrete panels as type ” Hormipresa ” or similar ( with thickness of 20 cm, built- insulating core and light gray ) as a sandwich panel sheet steel (type British Robertson ) 6 cm thick polyurethane foam and lacquered finish in metallic gray ( RAL 9006 ) . Fulfil its composition the current legislation on energy saving ( Technical Building Code ) , and the Basic NBE CA/88 ” Acoustic Insulation ” .


The building responds as a whole, to a sufficient insulation ( energy saving ) , acoustic and thermal . Insulation is planned : wrought roofs, walls and floors in contact with the ground. On deck, 5 cm . extruded polystyrene or 6 cm . of fiberglass blanket . In facades , 4/5 cms . of polyurethane . In the soil in contact with the terrain 3 cm . extruded polystyrene Roofmate type or similar. Furthermore, forged fronts and front pillars are separated from the factory with Porexpan enclosure , thus avoiding the formation of thermal Apuentes @ . In all plants vivideras be placed before the screed , a felt type acoustic Fompex or similar impact noise attenuator . They thus meet the requirements of the Basic Documents of the new Technical Building Code .


Internal divisions are generally made with double hollow brick partition received with cement mortar , ensuring proper sound insulation as required by the Basic NBE/CA-88 Acoustic conditioners in Buildings @ , and the demands of the new Technical Code Building .

Wet areas ( toilets and facilities ) , go up to the ceiling tiles stoneware plate 30×30 cms . white on service areas and stoneware plate 30×45 cms. color in areas of public use.


The floors are wood flooring in offices, polished limestone and distributors access centerpiece , the stairs are also limestone , both in print and in riser , in any case , we will use the same material , for floor landings . The type toilets Discesur go with 45×45 tiles in gray anthracite. All outdoor areas will be paved with limestone abujardada slip . The ramps of the garage and the entire surface of the car park with polished concrete floor , Hormipul type . All areas microchina polished terrazzo installations .

In all wetlands will be placed plaster ceilings in the corridors – retailers, and bathrooms , leaving these areas to a height of approximately 2.40 meters. In areas of public use will be plasterboard ceiling at different heights by combining it with some strips for indirect lighting placement . The rest of roofs and parking and service areas that require the placement of a false ceiling and plaster guarnecerán enlucirán for subsequent painting and finishing .


The painting of walls and ceilings will run smooth and soft color (for reference , the color of the house 1005-4 NCS ) so as to achieve an adequate correlation between the color of the walls , the finish of the frames and the field and space of the different rooms of the building. The ceilings of the bathrooms are painted in tempera , in plain white . The painting includes all pillars garage doors and access to it and will be held in stripes , the first gray (ral 7015 ) and 50 cm wide , the second white and 20 cm , and the third color blue (ral 5024 ) to the lintel of the door , on which 20 cm white and finally gray the rest including roof installations and pipelines .

All plumbing will be built and piped by current Standards and Technology Standards and NTE-IFC/1973 NTE-IFF/1973 . The distribution of hot and cold water will be protected copper tube ( or polypropylene ) of corresponding diameters . The network of PVC pipe drains with siphon pots of the same material . The fixtures shall be white, Gala Navy type or similar. The Chrome Mixer Taps , Ramon Soler type or another of similar characteristics. The facility maintains taps for each wet ( toilets and cleaning) , regardless of the individual keys Fumalla each device type can have . A.C.S. production electric heaters will be individual , regardless of the hot water from the solar panel system installed on deck , which will be provided with a storage tank , and, through by-pass , Provera or support the production of DHW of each location , regardless of the hot water from solar panels.


The installation of electricity and will be recessed lighting and piped as Technological Standards in force, and according to the Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulations , as well as specific standards Supply Company . Overall network will be available ground , as security and prevention against accidental discharge . The big key mechanisms used , the type Single Plus cunea ( Melin Gerin ) or other similar characteristics. In stairs , switch- timers will be placed for lighting common lamps , equipped with indicator lamp . In the corridors of service, be placed 1×18 w fluorescent Odel model OD -Lux 5516 Lledo or similar. Both the common elements (stairs , halls, etc. . ) And lift and porches , shall be delivered with all lighting fixtures and luminaries working; placing energy saving recessed lunettes PL- 18W, 100 -P model DVAS of ORNALUX or similar. Outside of the development, staff will be placed lampposts straight 3 m. , And energy saving lamp 18W PL- Cristher or the like , and mushroom points lower .


The woodwork of lacquered aluminum windows will brand Valheisa or similar dark gray (RAL 7011 or equivalent ) . The large glazed fronts will be the semi-structural curtain wall with horizontal cover plates and aluminum structure of the firm Schüco or similar. In both cases the glazing shall be of double glazing ( 6/12/6 ) with solar control glass on the outside . The top floor dedicated to facilities will close with a louvre , lacquered in the same color as the metal panel , being well ventilated . These fronts depending on their orientation, shading will be combined with lattice-shaped metal ” fabric ” inoxidalbe steel braided cable in some cases and in others with aluminum slats , Llambi signature with type section ” wing tickets ”

As for the interior woodwork , interior doors have smooth wooden sheet for varnishing , oak or similar. They will have brass fittings and polished brass handle . Conviction will have bathrooms and toilet. In the cabins of the toilets will be used melamine finished wood . We also have aluminum interior doors with glass in offices.


The building is equipped with security systems , automatic fire detection , while also being a central alarm, meeting as specified in the Technical Building Code in the Fire Safety section DB -SI . So , have emergency lighting and signage , fire extinguishers efficiency 21 A- 113 B , hydrants equipped 25mm diameter in the restaurant building , an extinguishing system in the kitchen and finally CO2 extinguisher minimum performance 21 A- 70 B , in areas at risk of electrical fire .

Two automatic elevators are projected Kone type , self-propelled , not requiring mechanical room on deck. The elevator cars will have a useful dimension of 1.00×1.20 m . , Accommodating disabled , thus fulfilling the Access Act and Architectural Barriers Removal . Will simply decorated with melamine and mirror , designed by the Architect . The elevator communicate directly with basement garage, office plants .

The building has an air conditioning system with air -to-air heat pump, along with the necessary accessories for proper operation , such as valves , measuring devices , etc. . The charges will be discussed with cassette units spread over the ceiling of that room . The pipes have dimensions appropriate to the flow of refrigerant circulating within them . Outdoor units are in the cover correctly ventilated . 02.2.3 According to the ITE statement of environmental requirements and comfort of RITE , will take the necessary mitigation measures in those points where sound pressure levels exceed the values specified in the instruction , like to be considered as measures the standard NBE -CA -88 , ” acoustic conditions in buildings .”

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