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Bridge Studio in Newfoundland, Canada by Saunders Architecture

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Article source: Saunders Architecture

As with all the Fogo Island Arts Corporation’s Art Studios, Bridge Studio is paired with a traditional Newfoundland Saltbox house, this one is located in Deep Bay, the smallest community on Fogo Island with a population of one hundred and fifty people. The Bridge Studio’s Saltbox House is a freshly painted, in sharp contrast to its dilapidated condition, only a few months previous. A local carpenter who is putting the finishing touches on the house, points out the project’s double-hung, wood frame windows that were crafted at the local woodshop, initiated and operated by the Shorefast Foundation.

Image Courtesy Bent René Synnevåg

  • Architects: Saunders Architecture
  • Project: Bridge Studio
  • Location: Fogo Island, Newfoundland, Canada
  • Client: Shorefast Foundation and the Fogo Island Arts Corporation
  • Team architects: Attila Béres, Ryan Jørgensen, Ken Beheim-Schwarzbach, Nick Herder, Rubén Sáez López, Soizic Bernard, Colin Hertberger, Christina Mayer, Olivier Bourgeois, Pål Storsveen, Zdenek Dohnalek
  • Associate Architect: Sheppard Case Architects Inc. (Long Studio)
  • Software used: ArchiCAD


Reactor Films in Santa Monica, California by Brooks + Scarpa Architects

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

Article source: Brooks + Scarpa Architects

To remodel an existing 7,000 sq.ft. 1930’s Art deco Masonry Building Art Gallery into office and work space for production of TV commercials and music videos.

Solution: Reactor presented the unique challenge of satisfying the client’s requirement to move into a completed space in less than fourteen weeks from the beginning of the design process.   In order to meet this demand, a systematic working strategy was developed to capitalize on these extreme constraints while cultivating an inventive and dynamic working atmosphere in which client, contractor and architect collaborated with an unprecedented synergism.

Image Courtesy Marvin Rand

  • Architects: Brooks + Scarpa Architects (formerly Pugh + Scarpa)
  • Project: Reactor Films
  • Location: 1330 4th Street, Santa Monica, California
  • Client:  Stoney Road Productions and Reactor Films
  • Total Square Footage:  7000 sq. ft.
  • Costs:  $350,000.00 ($50.00/sq. ft.) includes building shell upgrades
  • Consultants:  Gwynne Pugh – Structural Engineering; Dave Scott – Steel and Furniture Fabrication; Richard Godfrey – Light Trough


Sundsvall Theater in Sundsvall, Sweden by François Blanciak Architect

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Article source: François Blanciak Architect

In order to emphasize the public nature of the art center, the project presents itself as a series of cuts of an original spherical volume that are tilted to allow pedestrians to cross freely through the public space upon which the building sits. In addition to distinguishing the various programmatic elements of the project, this translation movement follows and connects to an existing public building axis.

Bird Eye View

  • Architect: François Blanciak Architect
  • Name of Project: Sundsvall Theater
  • Location: Sundsvall, Sweden
  • Collaborator: Glen Wash Ivanovic
  • Program: Performance center
  • Type: Competition
  • Date: 2008
  • Area: 20000 m²


Kilden in Kristiansand, Norway by ALA Architects

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

Article source: ALA Architects

Kilden, a theatre and concert hall in Kristiansand, Norway, has brought together all the city?s institutions of performing arts. Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra now has a concert hall accommodating 1200 attendees. Agder Theater, a regional group, is performing in a theater with a capacity of 700. The theater hall can be transformed to accommodate opera performances to house the ensemble Opera South. In addition, there is a stage for experimental theater and a multi-purpose hall with a level floor.

Night view

  • Architect: ALA Architects
  • Name of project: Kilden
  • Location: Kristiansand, Norway
  • Type: Performing Arts Centre
  • Credit of images: Kjartan Belland, Tuomas Uusheimo and Hufton Crow
  • Software used: AutoCad Architecture


Regium Waterfront in Reggio Calabria, Italy by Zaha Hadid Architects

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

Article source: Zaha Hadid Architects

Located on a narrow strait, separating continental Italy from Sicily, the Regium Waterfront marks the city of Reggio Calabria as a Mediterranean cultural capital. Drawing inspiration from the radial symmetry of the starfish, the structure, housing museum and performing arts centre, stands as a beacon visible from land and sea.

Regium Waterfront

  • Architects: Zaha Hadid Architects
  • Project: Regium Waterfront
  • Location: Reggio Calabria, Italy
  • Design: Zaha Hadid with Patrik Schumacher
  • Project Architect: Filippo Innocenti
  • Performing Arts Center: 8,000m2
  • Museum: 13,400m2
  • Competition Team: Filippo Innocenti, Michele Salvi, Roberto Vangeli, Andrea Balducci Castè, Luciano Letteriello, Fabio Forconi, Giuseppe Morando, Johannes Weikert, Deepti Zachariah, Gonzalo Carbajo


Edcouch-Elsa ISD Fine Arts Center in Edcouch, Texas by Kell Muñoz Architects

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Article source: Kell Muñoz Architects

The design of a new 900-seat theater and fine arts center in a small migrant community on the Texas/Mexico border.

This building evolved from significant public conversations with students, parents, teachers and community activists, working with historians, curators, folklorists, artists and architects to envision a community gathering place.

Image Courtesy Chris Cooper

  • Architects: Kell Muñoz Architects
  • Project: Edcouch-Elsa ISD Fine Arts Center
  • Location: Edcouch, Texas
  • Project Size: 31,000 SF
  • Month/Year of Completion: April 2007
  • Firm: Kell Muñoz Architects, Inc.
  • Owner: Edcouch-Elsa Independent School District
  • Conceptual Design: Henry R. Muñoz III


Kimball Art Center in Park City, Utah by Brooks + Scarpa Architects

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Article source: Brooks + Scarpa Architects

Brooks + Scarpa has released their proposal for the roughly 22,000 square foot addition to the existing 12,000 square foot 1929 historic Kimball Art Center located in the heart of downtown Park City at the corner of Main Street and Heber Ave.

The design concept for the new Kimball Art Center is to perceptually bring the mesmerizing and seemingly endless deep blue Park City sky directly into the space of the city. Despite the time of year or weather conditions, the sky always seems to quickly return to its infinite and hypnotic clarity, with rarely a cloud in the sky. It provokes a kind of indelible wonder; a dreamlike state of mind that engages the viewer, heightens their sense of awareness, and brings a sense of vitality to the place. The Kimball “Cloud” delivers a new experience and expands art into the broader Park City community, creating a new social space for the 21st century.

North View Approach



Arts centre in La Coruña, Spain by aceboXalonso Studio

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

Article source: aceboXalonso Studio

(In the begginnig, this project’s name was Arts Centre, but nowadays it’s called MUNCYT. In fact, it became the National Museum of Science and Technology.)

This Project is the first price of an international competition to build combination of two different briefs, a Dance School and a Museum. We proposed to develop them in a single volume. This allowed us to explore the relationship between two structures that  were different in every aspect: organization, perception, expression, function and construction. Using both factors, we had the chance to add, sustract, divide, but we chose to multiply. The strange concrete form contains the school while the outer surface, the space between the form and the limit, contains the museum.

Image Courtesy Santos Diez

  • Architects: aceboXalonso Studio
  • Project: Arts centre in La Coruña
  • Location: La Coruña, Spain
  • Architects and Works directors: Ángel Alonso y Victoria Acebo
  • Competition: 2001
  • Works starts: 2003
  • End date: december 2006
  • Client: Excma. Diputación de a Coruña


King Abdullah II House of Culture & Art in Amman, Jordan by Zaha Hadid Architects

Monday, February 20th, 2012

Article source: Zaha Hadid Architects
More projects by Zaha Hadid

Our designs for a new performing arts centre were inspired the ancient city of Petra – its interplay with nature and the processes of erosion that have reshaped its contours. In this new building erosion becomes the sole means of articulating public spaces, while remaining masses contain the performance spaces.

King Abdullah II House of Culture & Art

  • Architects: Zaha Hadid Architects
  • Project: King Abdullah II House of Culture & Art
  • Location: Amman, Jordan
  • Total Floor Area: 26,800m2
  • Footprint Area: 5,363m2
  • Concert Theatre: 1,600 seat
  • Small Theatre: 400 seat
  • Design: Zaha Hadid with Patrik Schumacher


Lightemotion Celebrates Ten Years Of International Success

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Article source: Lightemotion

Lightemotion Celebrates Ten Years Of International Success

One of North America’s pre-eminent lighting designers celebrates a decade of illuminating prestigious buildings, exhibits and events around the world.

2012 represents an important milestone for Lightemotion and its founder François Roupinian. It marks the first decade of the studio’s existence and signals ten years in which Roupinian’s brand of exciting lighting design has become known around the world. Lightemotion’s signature style has given it an international reputation through its work on major projects in Canada, Europe, the United States, Asia, and the Middle East.


Images Courtesy Lightemotion

Ten Years of Globe Trotting

Founded in 2002, Lightemotion’s origins are in the field of the performing arts and multimedia. The company has since expanded into other fields of expertise, such as architectural and museum lighting.

Roupinian has surrounded himself with a multidisciplinary and multicultural team that can manage projects in five languages. The scope of the company’s work is broad, including lighting plans for exhibitions (Museum of Strasbourg, National Museum of Singapore and the country’s national Library), as well as cabarets (at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas) and casinos such as the Revel Casino in Atlantic City (designer, Scéno Plus), which is due to be completed in 2012.

Images Courtesy Lightemotion

“We began with the event centres at the Revel Casino Resort but were soon commissioned to illuminate the casino itself and numerous other public spaces (designer, Scéno Plus), too,” says Roupinian. “This is currently one of the largest new build projects on the East Coast and we are being asked to design lighting for truly immersive environments throughout.”

Recently Lightemotion put its architectural lighting signature on the new Ajax Experience museum *, in recognition of AFC Ajax football club (architecture, Sid Lee, designer, gsmprjct) in Amsterdam; the Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile of Torino and the Wine Museum of Barolo in Italy; plus, the Auckland War Memorial Museum, marking its 80th anniversary. The Montreal studio also created the dramatic lighting design for the Canada Pavilion at Expo 2010 in Shanghai and the Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archeology traveling exhibit.


Images Courtesy Lightemotion

From flair to facilitation

Roupinian began designing lighting in the performance arts around 25 years ago. His flair for illuminating performance environments soon evolved into other types of lighting designs, firstly within exhibits, then interiors and on to lighting entire buildings.

“At Lightemotion we have a passion for light and an artistic vision that speaks for itself in our designs,” says Roupinian. “We are a diverse group of professionals with multiple talents and when we illuminate a building our main objective is to transcend convention and bring it to life, articulating form and reinforcing the brand in a dynamic way.”

However, Roupinian believes that artistic flair is just one part of the success he has achieved to date. He cites the process and methodology used as big factors in completing projects to the client’s satisfaction. Clients want to be wowed but they also want to be sure that they are working with a professional team, believes Roupinian: Lightemotion has a 98% customer retention rate.


Images Courtesy Lightemotion

Returning to Canada

In Canada, recent projects at the Cinémathèque Québecoise, the Musée d’art Contemporain de Montréal, the interior of the Place des Arts and the church of St-John the Evangelist brought recognition to Roupinian in his hometown of Montreal. And, with new commissions such as the Cosmodôme Space Science Center, The Residences at the Ritz-Carlton and Montreal’s Complexe Desjardins, which will be opening in 2012, Lightemotion will become even more widely known in Canada.

“I’m very proud that we are participating in rejuvenation the Complexe Desjardins,” says Roupinian. “It’s a city institution, a place that everyone knows, and, we are giving it a new lease of life by designing a custom light fixture that creates a new dynamically lit environment.” Using LEDs, Lightemotion drastically reduces the energy requirements of the centre, while also creating a color-change effect that brings to life the space and the experience of those within it.”


Images Courtesy Lightemotion

“With these projects, we are ecstatic to have the opportunity of showcasing our expertise here in Canada,” says Roupinian. “Place des Arts and Complexe Desjardins are at the centre of Montreal culture, while the Cosmodôme will be a national tourist attraction. We hope that these signature projects will be enjoyed by visitors for years to come.”

As Lightemotion moves into its second decade, Roupinian takes with him an evermore diverse portfolio. Canada’s one of the premier lighting designers anticipates new challenges and continuing to work both nationally and internationally on projects ranging from exterior and interior designs for museums, hotels, restaurants, religious buildings and public spaces to traveling exhibitions and theater performances.

“Every project presents its own set of challenges and we look forward to them all,” says Roupinian.

For more information:


Images Courtesy Lightemotion

Images Courtesy Lightemotion

Images Courtesy Lightemotion

Images Courtesy Lightemotion

Images Courtesy Lightemotion

Images Courtesy Lightemotion

Images Courtesy Lightemotion

Images Courtesy Lightemotion

Images Courtesy Lightemotion

Images Courtesy Lightemotion

Images Courtesy Lightemotion

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