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The Curve in Berkshire, England by Colorminium + bblur architecture + CZWG

Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

Article source: Caro Communications

A dynamic team of architects, designers and consultants are celebrating the completion of the £22m cultural hub project, The Curve, located in the centre of Slough, Berkshire, UK. The Curve is the flagship public building and the key community amenity in the on-going regeneration of Slough’s town centre, where over £45m of public investment has already been spent or committed to create an entirely new commercial district – The Heart of Slough. Housing a library, a 280 seat multi-purpose performance venue, and spaces for council meetings and exhibitions, the 4,500 sq m building consolidates disparate community functions and registrar services across the centre of Slough.

Image Courtesy © Hufton + Crow


Sant Josep Library in Alicante, Spain by Ramón Esteve Estudio

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

Article source: Ramón Esteve Estudio 

The Library of Sant Josep is situated in a sprawling area of the town of Ontinyent, along with two primary schools and the IES Jaume I, also designed by Ramón Esteve studio. This is a free square volume within a green surroundings dotted with trees.

Image Courtesy © Diego Opazo

Image Courtesy © Diego Opazo

  • Architects: Ramón Esteve Estudio
  • Project: Sant Josep Library
  • Location: Jávea, Alicante, Spain
  • Photography: Diego Opazo, XaviMolla and Ramón Esteve
  • Collaborating Architects: Esther Broseta, Rubén Navarro, Olga Badía, Anna Boscà
  • Collaborators: Silvia M. Martínez, Tudi Soriano, Patricia Campos, Estefanía Pérez
  • Technical Architect: Emilio Pérez
  • Developer: Ajuntament d’Ontinyent
  • Constructor: Construcciones Díaz Sala
  • Project Manager: Manuel Pamíes
  • Built Surface: 638.18 m2
  • Project: 2008
  • Completion Date: 2010


Ambient Tower Dubai- Thyssenkrupp by ZERAFA ARCHITECTURE STUDIO

Friday, January 20th, 2017


Za’abeel Park has been designed to showcase Dubai’s status as a regional center for the development of high-technology and IT industries through a unique mix of educational and recreational facilities. The development of these facilities within a large scale garden-park setting has created a multi-faceted urban space within the city center for both residents and visitors alike. This urban idea is fundamental to the “new face of Dubai” and the future development of the city within an international context. Within this spirit, the proposed “Emblem” tower for Za’abeel Park should be expressive of the confluence of these regional ideas, energy, and culture which define the modern city with an underlying emotional reference to a more universal iconography.


  • Project: Ambient Tower Dubai- Thyssenkrupp
  • Location: Dubai, UAE
  • Software used: Autocad, Rhino, V-Ray
  • Client: Dubai Municipality
  • Joint Venture Architect: Gregory T Waugh, AIA
  • Design Team: Jason Zerafa, Joaquin Boldrini, , Pablo Zamorano, Luis E. Carmona, Katherine Moya.
  • Structural Consultant: Gilsanz Murray Steficek LLP.
  • Structural Design Team: Ramon Gilsanz, Jessica Mandrick
  • Mechanical Consultant: Consentini
  • Mechanical Design Team: Mike Maybaum, David Leo.
  • Size: 7238 sm.
  • Status: International Competition Proposal.


Library for Architecture, Art and Design in Münster, Germany by Planungsgemeinschaft zauberscho(e)n

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Article source: Planungsgemeinschaft zauberscho(e)n 

The Leonardo Campus in the north of Muenster forms with the academy of art, the muenster school of architecture and the school of design a creative-campus on the site of a former trooper barrack. the book inventories of all three institutions are merged in a library and stand behind the walls of a part of the former horse stables. the shelves required more space. but where?

Image Courtesy © Roland Borgmann

Image Courtesy © Roland Borgmann

  • Architects: Planungsgemeinschaft zauberscho(e)n
  • Project: Library for Architecture, Art and Design
  • Location: Leonardo-Campus Münster, Germany
  • Photography: Roland Borgmann
  • Client: Land Nordrhein-Westfalen
  • Team:
    • Zauberscho(e)n: Andreas Schuering, Stephan Weber, (collaboration design: Mathias Horstmann)
    • Buehler und Buehler: Prof. Prof. h.c. Herbert Buehler
  • Team (realization):
    • Zauberscho(e)n: Andreas Schuering, Stephan Weber
    • Buehler und Buehler: Prof. Prof. h.c. Herbert Buehler
  • Structural engineer: Ingenieurgemeinschaft Fuehrer Kosch Juerges, Aachen
  • General contractor: Averbeck Bau GmbH, Ostbevern
  • Steel construction: Bentheimer Stahl und Hallenbau, Bad Bentheim
  • Facade planning /-construction: Josef Gartner GmbH, Gundelfingen
  • Programm: 400sqm, 1450 shelf-meter, 3 study carrels, single working zone, conference zone
  • Planning + construction time: 2008-2010


MeePark in Beijing, China by LΛTITUDE ARCHITECTURE

Thursday, December 22nd, 2016


Transformation of an industrial building into a multifunctional space

At the beginning of 2016, BlueFocus Communication Group decided to develop a series of venues in multiple locations across Mainland China. The first was then established in Beijing, at the same location used for the Group’s Headquarters, a former Panasonic factory complex of recent renovation. Such a decision is an unmistakable reflection of the company’s priorities, to evolve in China from a manufacturing power into a creative force, under the leadership of its charismatic Chairman Mr. Zhao Wenquan.

Image Courtesy © Hector Peinador

Image Courtesy © Hector Peinador

  • Architects: LΛTITUDE
  • Project: MeePark
  • Location: Beijing, China
  • Photography: Hector Peinador
  • Client: BlueFocus Communication Group Co Ltd
  • Principal Architect: Manuel N. Zornoza
  • Team: Jorge Cortés de Castro, Andrea Ramos Rodriguez, Manuel Coves Botella, Maria Diaz Martin, Zhang Wen
  • Program: 700m2
  • Budget: 350,000€
  • Year: 2016
  • Status: Completed


Folkwang Library in Essen-Werden, Germany by Max Dudler Architekt

Thursday, December 15th, 2016

Article source: Max Dudler Architekt

Folkwang University of the Arts is North Rhine Westphalia’s college of art and music. Its main campus is housed in the former Benedictine abbey of St. Ludgerus in Essen-Werden, situated in the southern Ruhr Valley. The small 8th century site was extended into a princely baroque residence in the 18th century, arranged around a magnificent courtyard (Cour d’honneur). The construction of the new library on the south side of the courtyard by the architect Max Dudler replaces a 19th century military hospital building demolished in 1969. In 2006 Max Dudler won the design competition organised by the Duisburg branch of the Building and Real Estate Management Authority, North Rhine Westphalia. The project was generously supported by the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation.

Image Courtesy © Stefan Müller

Image Courtesy © Stefan Müller

  • Architects: Max Dudler Architekt
  • Project: Folkwang Library
  • Location: Klemensborn 39, 45239 Essen-Werden, Germany
  • Photography: Stefan Müller
  • Client: Duisburg branch of the Building and Real Estate Management Authority, North Rhine Westphalia Supported by the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation
  • User: Folkwang University of the Arts
  • Project Manager: Alexander Bonte
  • General Contractor: Derichs u Konertz GmbH u Co KG, Krefeld
  • General Planners during the Construction Period: Nattler Architects
  • Structural Engineers: Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner – Beratende Ingenieure VBI, GmbH
  • Building Services: Winkels Behrens Pospich – Ingenieure für Haustechnik GmbH
  • Construction Physics / Acoustics: Müller-BBM GmbH
  • Building Volumes:
    • 982 m² usable floor area
    • 1707 m2 gross surface area
    • 5603 m3 gross building volume
  • Design and Construction Period:
    • Design commenced: 2006
    • Construction commenced: 2010
    • Construction completed: September 2012



Tuesday, December 13th, 2016


The Municipal Library was commissioned by the Town Hall and is located on the site of the old slaughter house, as per the Detailed Masterplan of the Old Industrial Zone (Polisvilareal). The building simultaneously  houses two distinct institutions, which are physically independent:

  • The Municipal Library (BM2 type), which is part of the National Network of Public Reading
  • The Literary Club, for research purposes for the writers from the Tras-os-Montes region
Image Courtesy © FG+SG Fernando Guerra + Sérgio Guerra

Image Courtesy © FG+SG Fernando Guerra + Sérgio Guerra

  • Architects: BELÉM LIMA ARQUITECTOS (António Belém Lima)
  • Location: Praça da Galiza, Vila Real, Portugal
  • PhotographyFG+SG   Fernando Guerra + Sérgio Guerra
  • Client: Câmara Municipal de Vila Real
  • Architectural Team: Pedro Pinto / Carla Barros / Sofia Lourenço / Isabel Nunes / Laszlo Feckske / Eduarda Lima in Arquitectos Pioledo Lda
  • Specialties: Coordenação de Especialidades NORVIA, Consultores de Engenharia SA
  • Landscape architecture: NORVIA, Consultores de Engenharia SA
  • Graphic project: Francisca Lima
  • Construction company: SCAL – Sociedade de Construções Alberto Leal SA
  • Project / work dates: 1998/2006


Ussher Library in Dublin, Ireland by McCullough Mulvin Architects

Sunday, December 11th, 2016

Article source: McCullough Mulvin Architects 

The Ussher Library in Trinity College is a landmark building for Dublin. The project – initiated as an international architectural competition design collaboration with KMD Architecture, Dublin – provides 750 undergraduate reader places and space for 350,00 volumes in a state-of-the-art library building with exposed boardmarked concrete and granite finishes. The concept established three prismatic sculptural blocks on a podium set North-South across the site; the two longer blocks are connected by an atrium. The taller is closed and stone-clad and dedicated to book storage (a tower of books), the other, lower, more dynamically shaped in stone and glass – contains reading rooms with views over College Park; the third block is for a Book Conservation Laboratory. Each block is served by a core at one end which anchors the plan; each is designed as a solid planar element without advance or recession – the line of stone cladding is carried through into the atrium in timber panelling; the atrium glazing is perceived as a separate shard-like element, while the Conservation Block roof is an origami -like folded plane of glass and metal. The new building forms a functional unit with the existing Berkeley and Lecky libraries – all three are connected under podium level and the Berkeley Library has been retained as the main entrance to the whole complex – a new staircase descends from it to a new orientation space serving all three. The library had to fit into a very strong urban context, standing on an edge condition between Trinity and Dublin; it keeps to the grid of the College buildings while recognising the line of Nassau Street. The building is like a gateway – three books forming open space between them which frame views and routes from the city into the College. By its shape and location on the site, the project establishes two strongly configured urban spaces at podium level – one against the rere of the Berkeley, open at the corners in the Trinity manner, with generous steps from the Park and Library square- the other between the Ussher Library and the street.

Image Courtesy © McCullough Mulvin Architects

Image Courtesy © McCullough Mulvin Architects

  • Architects: McCullough Mulvin Architects 
  • Project: Ussher Library
  • Location: Dublin, Ireland
  • Engineers: O’Connor Sutton Cronin
  • Quantity Surveyors: Brendan Merry & Partners
  • Building Services: Homan O’Brien
  • Contractors: McNamara Construction
  • Area: 10,000 m2


Mont-Àgora in Barcelona, Spain by Pere Puig arquitecte, SLP

Thursday, November 24th, 2016

Article source: Pere Puig arquitecte, SLP

Santa Margarida de Montbui was a small municipality that the great immigration wave of the nineteen fifties and sixties turned into a dormitory town on the industrial outskirts of Barcelona.

In recent decades it has gradually acquired the basic services that it severely lacked: urbanisation of streets, health care facilities, schools, etc. Still missing though is a cultural centre capable of housing a library, conference room, auditorium and classrooms. In some way, this building represents the end of a trajectory from slum to city.

Image Courtesy © Pere Puig arquitecte, SLP

Image Courtesy © Pere Puig arquitecte, SLP

  • Architects: Pere Puig arquitecte, SLP
  • Project: Mont-Àgora
  • Location: Catalonia promenade s/n, 08710 Santa Margarida de Montbui, Barcelona, Spain
  • Photography: Rafael Tirado, Diputació de Barcelona (Òscar Ferrer),  Marc Vila
  • Developer: Diputació de Barcelona  and Santa Margarida de Montbui city council
  • Building company: INBISA: 1st  2nd and  3rdstage SOGESA:  4th stage
  • Surveyor: Manel Marín
  • Collaborating  architects: Marta Lucas, Francesc Mestre, Natàlia Pastor, Rafael Bosch, Daniel Policani, Núria Sabaté, Marta Closa, Maria Garcia
  • Acoustic: Ivana Rossell
  • MEP: Raül Cristóbal (IMOGEP)
  • Structure: Agustí Obiol (BAC Engineering Consultancy Group)
  • Project managers in the representation of property:  Ània Pluma (architect), Àngel Balaguer,  (architect)
  • Year: 2008/2015


CCBRACH in Santiago, Chile by Ipiña+Nieto Arquitectos

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016

Article source: Ipiña+Nieto Arquitectos 

The project is set surrounding a library that is intended to be the core of the Cultural Center.  This space turns into a meeting point where all circulations begin and end.

Image Courtesy © Ipiña+Nieto Arquitectos

Image Courtesy © Ipiña+Nieto Arquitectos

  • Architects: Ipiña+Nieto Arquitectos
  • Project: CCBRACH
  • Location: Calle Mac Iver 225, planta 15. Santiago, Chile
  • Client: Republica Federativa de Brasil
  • Project Team:  Tadea de Ipiña Mariscal, Jorge Nieto Pujol
  • Collaborators: Ignacio Hornillos
  • Construction: CVC Constructora
  • Area: 350m2
  • Project Year: 2014/2015


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