AECCafe Weekly Review June 26th, 2014

In March, AECCafe Voice wrote about Bentley MANAGEservices — Bentley MANAGEservices Address Project Collaboration and Work Sharing. Here is another article about Managed Services by Bentley’s Brian Robins that adds more information on that topic.

Tekla’s BIM software was instrumental in improving productivity for the firm Martifer Construções, a construction company charged with construction on the Arena Amazônia in Manaus, Brazil,  just one of the 10 world-class Brazilian football stadiums modeled for the FIFA World Cup with Tekla. Martifer Construções gained 20% and efficiency by 30% while successfully meeting the tight construction deadlines.

Grab your LASSO and Welcome to the…
June 20, 2014  by Isaac Harper

Lasso1Being an Arizona native, I really like this new LASSO section method for a quick round up of those stray little doggies, (or entities in this case). In order to create a LASSO selection you simply start like you are going to make object selection with an automatic Crossing or Window, but instead of picking two points to make the box; when you click the first point keep the left mouse button held down (known as press and drag) and move the mouse around the selection of the objects you are selecting, then release the mouse button when are done creating the selection shape. Similar to Crossing and Window Selection methods the rules are the same. If you draw your shape in the counter-clockwise direction you will get a “windowed selection” (objects must be completely inside the lassoed area) OR drawing in the clockwise direction will make a “crossing selection” (objects can be inside or just touch the lassoed area) in order to be selected.

The Bearer of CAD News….
June 20, 2014  by Isaac Harper

First of all, I did not say “BAD” News… Let’s just call it different than what you may be used too.

Normally I try and keep all of my blogs about new and exciting features (and I am not saying these can’t be either, once you get used to them.) But I felt I needed to bring some things right out in the open to everyone, since they have been brought to our attention from our customers. I promise there are a lot more exciting positive things that I will be covering in my future blogs.

First item on the list is the “AutoCAD Classic Workspace”, Wellll… it’s simple; it’s gone. But that should not be a big surprise. The Ribbon has been the main default menu for the last 6 years. (Hence, the reason the old toolbar menu got the name “classic” in the first place.) But, if you wanted, you could rebuild your own from scratch and save the workspace. Oh by the way, the Toolbars button that was on the View tab on the Ribbon is also gone. I’m sure you saw that coming too, right?

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