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Dar Al-Omran Meets Tight Deadlines for the Zarqa Water Network Restructuring and Rehabilitation Project PopularBentley Systems 6328-May-2014
Interoperability Platform by A. B. Cleveland, Jr. – Bentley Systems PopularBentley Systems 7206-Mar-2013
Sustaining Infrastructure by A. B. Cleveland, Jr. – Bentley Systems PopularBentley Systems 7206-Mar-2013
Bentley White Paper: Industry Survey Confirms Efficiency Advantages of Intelligent Substation Design PopularBentley Systems 6005-Nov-2012
Building on Technology: A LOOK AT WHERE WE’VE BEEN, WHERE WE ARE, AND WHERE WE’RE GOING NEXT PopulariSqft 14431-May-2012
Bentley AssetWise Platform Enhances AIM Benefits with Context Management PopularBentley Systems 4509-Mar-2012
Bentley OpenPlant – At the Forefront of Interoperability PopularBentley Systems 7531-Jan-2012
BIM Interoperability Through a Vendor-Independent File Format PopularBentley Systems 13131-Jan-2012
eB Insight: Best Practices for Information Modeling PopularBentley Systems 7331-Jan-2012
Is your Firm positioning for growth and greater Differentiation? PopularGRAPHISOFT 114231-Jan-2012
Performance Improvement PopularBentley Systems 6631-Jan-2012
The Anatomy of an Effective Cyber Security Solution: Regulatory Guidelines and the Technology Required for Compliance PopularBentley Systems 7631-Jan-2012
Engineering the 21st Century Utility: A Changing Industry PopularBentley Systems 6723-Jul-2010
Making PDS Interoperable: A Bentley Whitepaper PopularBentley Systems 4726-May-2010
3D City GIS – A Major Step Towards Sustainable Infrastructure PopularBentley Systems 7423-May-2010
Conceptual Design Modeling in Autodesk Revit Architecture 2010 PopularAutodesk 4112-Aug-2009
Road Design Basics with AutoCAD Civil ® CIVIL 3D® 2009 and Civil 3D PopularIdeate, Inc. 3827-Feb-2009
BIM-A Cost Estimating Perspective PopularEos Group Inc. 8509-Jul-2008
Interoperability for BIM: a structural engineering viewpoint PopularSCIA 3909-Jul-2008
Providing a Foundation for View, Markup and Real-Time Collaboration PopularOracle Corporation 5121-Dec-2007
The World's Largest Virtual Construction Company PopularVico Software, Inc. 3818-Nov-2007
Guide to Business Process Management for Project Managers PopularTenrox 3615-Oct-2007
The Project Manager's Guide to Sarbanes-Oxley PopularTenrox 3715-Oct-2007
White Paper on Analysis of Floor Vibration Due to Human Activity PopularRAM International 6013-Oct-2007
Building Information Modeling: A Key to Performance-Based Design PopularIdeate, Inc. 8410-Oct-2007
Building Performance Analysis Using Revit PopularAutodesk 3510-Jul-2007
Coordination between Revit Structure and Revit Architecture PopularAutodesk 5010-Jul-2007
Beyond IECC 2009 Paisano Green Community WORKSHOP 8 313-Feb-2013
Civil 3D 2009 New Features CAD Masters, Inc. 524-Nov-2011
Road Design Basics with AutoCAD Civil and Civil 3D White Paper CAD Masters, Inc. 1124-Nov-2011
Using Hydraflow Storm Sewers Extension with AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008: A Recommended Workflow CAD Masters, Inc. 1024-Nov-2011
Upgrading to BillQuick 2011 BQE Software, Inc. 022-Nov-2011
Implementation Guide for the Use of Bar Code Technology in Healthcare Auto ID Solutions 215-Nov-2011
Standard Product Identification and Bar Codes: The Cornerstones of EFR Auto ID Solutions 215-Nov-2011
Verification Key to Success of Ink Jet Trails Auto ID Solutions 015-Nov-2011
Streamlining the Accounts-Payable Process Ademero, Inc. 006-Nov-2011
ishipdocs 2.0 – your document manager in the cloud Plan Well 329-Jul-2011
Mobile & Wireless Solutions in Construction: Driving Improved Decision Making Speed and Scalability - Brought to you by Motion Computing Motion Computing 2805-Nov-2010
Design Sharing in BIM GRAPHISOFT 520-Oct-2010
Sustaining Infrastructure Bentley Systems 1008-Oct-2010
BIM Based Quantity Take-off, Estimating and Scheduling Tocoman 1303-Aug-2010
How to Use Live Nesting to Control Level Display in Microstation V8i Axiom 303-Jul-2010
MicroStation Advocate Axiom 003-Jul-2010
The Benefits of a 3D City GIS for Sustaining City Infrastructure Bentley Systems 1723-May-2010
Mitigating Risk with Virtual Construction Technology GRAPHISOFT 2006-Feb-2010
The World's Largest Virtual Construction Company GRAPHISOFT 2406-Feb-2010
Finally, a solution to vendor document management: A white paper for mining, power, oil & gas projects aconex 509-Dec-2009
Three Critical Challenges on any ARRA Construction Project and how to overcome them with online collaboration aconex 422-Oct-2009
Intelligent Design of Industrial Steel Buildings – a BIM approach SCIA 1418-Sep-2009
Providing an accurate design and time-saving workflow SCIA 118-Sep-2009
Rule-Based Road Design using AutoCAD Civil and AutoCAD Civil 3D Autodesk 1412-Aug-2009
Rule-Based Road Design using AutoCAD Civil and AutoCAD Civil 3D Autodesk 1112-Aug-2009
Automated Document Marking and Printing for Paper & PDF based Workflows Enhancement Software 925-Mar-2009
Avoiding the High Costs of Re-work IHS 1128-Feb-2009
Finding the Right Standards Management Approach IHS 328-Feb-2009
Unleashing the Power of EAM Systems by Optimizing MRO Catalog Data IHS 128-Feb-2009
AutoCAD 2009 Network Deployment Creation Guide Ideate, Inc. 327-Feb-2009
Climate Change Briefing Dataflow, Inc. 519-Feb-2009
Cost Analysis of Inadequate Interoperability in the U.S. Capital Facilities Industry Dataflow, Inc. 2219-Feb-2009
John Herschel’s Cyanotype: Invention or Discovery? Dataflow, Inc. 319-Feb-2009
Plotting with AutoCAD 2000 Tips for Apprentice Users B&H Industries 305-Feb-2009
How Autodesk is Addressing Higher Education Needs in Autodesk FMDesktop Simple Solutions FM 922-Jul-2008
Construction CEOs - how your competition is beating you... Vico Software, Inc. 1710-Jul-2008
Heading South for the Winter - Map Your Journey to a Successful Paper to Electronic Migration Snowbound Software 610-Jul-2008
Practical Implication of Location Based Scheduling (LBS) Vico Software, Inc. 610-Jul-2008
Review: Build A PDF Practice In A FlexSnap Snowbound Software 410-Jul-2008
Squeeze more efficiency and ROI from your Content Management System – High-speed viewing can help Snowbound Software 1110-Jul-2008
The new heroes of the building industry Vico Software, Inc. 1210-Jul-2008
Universal Viewer Drives Document Imaging Productivity Snowbound Software 710-Jul-2008
Virtual Construction benefits Vico Software, Inc. 1810-Jul-2008
Optimal Design of Structures SCIA 909-Jul-2008
Parametric Modelling, a basic B.I.M. property implemented in SCIA•ESA PT 3D Modeller SCIA 809-Jul-2008
Roundtrip Engineering in Construction SCIA 409-Jul-2008
SCIA•ESA PT Structural Modeller SCIA 909-Jul-2008
Template Analysis in Practice SCIA 809-Jul-2008
New Information Technology Tools Enable Productivity Improvements Common Point, Inc 1406-Jul-2008
An Incremental Approach to Scanning Open Archive Systems 605-Jul-2008
How to Modernize your Legacy Engineering Archives Open Archive Systems 305-Jul-2008
Computer-Aided Dispatch to Transportation Management Center Integration Intergraph Corporation 403-Jul-2008
Experienced Marine Design and Data Use Intergraph Corporation 403-Jul-2008
Introduction: VisionREZ CarePlus Ameri-CAD, Inc. 203-Jul-2008
Rule-Based Ship Design Intergraph Corporation 903-Jul-2008
Security of Geographically Dispersed Infrastructure Intergraph Corporation 103-Jul-2008
VisionREZ Anchors Ameri-CAD, Inc. 303-Jul-2008
VisionREZ Content Ameri-CAD, Inc. 303-Jul-2008
VisionREZ Stand Alone 2009 V6.x Ameri-CAD, Inc. 2003-Jul-2008
Compatibility of Autodesk CAD applications with 64-bit Windows versions. Ideate, Inc. 602-Jul-2008
IHS White Paper: Leveraging the Benefits of Global Industry Standards in China IHS 202-Jul-2008
IHS White Paper: Why Standards are Important IHS 1202-Jul-2008
IHS White Paper: Der richtige Ansatz für Normenmanagement IHS 202-Jul-2008
Network Licensing Guide Ideate, Inc. 802-Jul-2008
Smart Card Alliance Releases White Paper on Smart Card Benefits for U.S. Health Care IHS 402-Jul-2008
How US Firms are collaborating on the world’s largest projects aconex 1131-May-2008
The Green Building Imperative Tririga 1324-Mar-2008
VectorWorks BIM in Practice: Collaborative Strategies for a Large Project Nemetschek N.A. 3111-Jan-2008
Optimizing File Sharing and Data Backup over Wide Area Networks GLOBALSCAPE 907-Jan-2008
Wide Area Services meets Continuous Data Protection GLOBALSCAPE 807-Jan-2008
Workplace Performance Survey and Analysis Tririga 703-Dec-2007
Mitigating Risk with Virtual Construction Technology Vico Software, Inc. 1418-Nov-2007
Preconstruction Mangement Software Trends and Strategy Construction Software Advice 2230-Oct-2007
Executive’s Guide to Project Portfolio Governance & Compliance Tenrox 3015-Oct-2007
Professional Services Automation (PSA) Tenrox 715-Oct-2007
Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Tenrox 1115-Oct-2007
The Hidden Force: How Workforce Planning Can Lead to a Market Advantage Tenrox 915-Oct-2007
The Rise of the Project Workforce Tenrox 715-Oct-2007
Time and Billing Tenrox 1215-Oct-2007
Tips and Techniques To Detect Fraud Or Errors In Timesheets Tenrox 1015-Oct-2007
Tracking, Reporting and Auditing for SRED (Scientific Research and Experimental Development) Tenrox 615-Oct-2007
A Three-Dimensional Displacement-Based Co-Rotational Beam-Column Finite Element for Distributed Plasticity Analysis of Frame Structures RAM International 2013-Oct-2007
An Object-Oriented Computational Framework for Nonlinear Analysis of Structures RAM International 1213-Oct-2007
Considering Excitation Angle in Response Spectra Analysis: A Revisit RAM International 813-Oct-2007
RAM International and Fabsec join through Data Exchange: RAM International 313-Oct-2007
Autodesk DWF - IDC Productivity Study Ideate, Inc. 1410-Oct-2007
Autodesk Revit for AutoCAD Users Autodesk 1630-Sep-2007
ARCHIBUS/FM Solution Integration with SAP R/3® ARCHIBUS, Inc. 716-Sep-2007
"Industrial Case Study of Electronic Design, Cost, and Schedule Integration ." Common Point, Inc 909-Aug-2007
New Information Technology Tools Enable Productivity Improvements Common Point, Inc 509-Aug-2007
A Fully Integrated Construction Management Solution Quest Solutions 805-Aug-2007
A Project Manager’s Guide to Laser Scanning Quantapoint, Inc 1205-Aug-2007
Combining 3D CADD with Laser Scanning Quantapoint, Inc 1005-Aug-2007
Considering Excitation Angle in Response Spectra Analysis: A Revisit RAM International 005-Aug-2007
Dr. Graham Powell presents a paper on Progressive Collapse Using Nonlinear Analysis at 2004 SEAOC Annual Convention, Monterey, August 2004 RAM International 3105-Aug-2007
Electronic Blueprints Quest Solutions 805-Aug-2007
Faster Takeoffs Quest Solutions 305-Aug-2007
Faster Takeoffs Quest Solutions 505-Aug-2007
Learning Curve Quest Solutions 805-Aug-2007
More Accurate Bids Quest Solutions 705-Aug-2007
Uncovering the Value of As-Built Laser Documentation for Engineering Firms Quantapoint, Inc 805-Aug-2007
Uncovering the Value of As-Built Laser Documentation for the Power Industry Quantapoint, Inc 905-Aug-2007
Uncovering the Value of As-Built Laser Documentation for the Processing Industries Quantapoint, Inc 805-Aug-2007
White Paper on Analysis of Floor Vibration Due to Human Activity RAM International 005-Aug-2007
Resolving the nonsense and the misunderstanding on the Eurocodes! SCIA 1603-Aug-2007
Round-trip engineering: step-by-step SCIA 1603-Aug-2007
eReview Web4 1801-Aug-2007
LandXML Drawing Support Autodesk 717-Jul-2007
AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008: Project Management Workflow Using Autodesk Vault Autodesk 1611-Jul-2007
Annotation Scaling in AutoCAD® 2008 Autodesk 1310-Jul-2007
AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008 – Project Management Workflow Using Autodesk Vault Autodesk 810-Jul-2007
AutoCAD® 2008 Productivity Study Autodesk 1510-Jul-2007
Autodesk Revit Systems: BIM for MEP Engineering Autodesk 1610-Jul-2007
Interoperability between Revit Structure and AutoCAD Architecture Autodesk 1410-Jul-2007
Multi-user Collaboration with Revit Structure Worksharing Autodesk 1910-Jul-2007
The Financial Advantages of the Sale-Leaseback Tririga 605-Jun-2007
INTRODUCTION TO IMS LM Ericsson 322-Mar-2007
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