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Seamless Handover of Project Data for Asset Operations and Maintenance Using AssetWise Products PopularBentley Systems 6207-Mar-2016
Asset Performance Management at Tenaga Nasional Berhad Power Plants PopularBentley Systems 6525-Feb-2016
ArcelorMittal USA World Class Equipment Reliability Project Bentley Systems 3015-Mar-2016
AmerenUE Design Change Revitalization Project Bentley Systems 3101-Mar-2016
WSDOT Uses MicroStation Visualizations to Expedite Selection of SR 20 Sharpes Corner Intersection Design PopularBentley Systems 10120-Feb-2013
Washington State Department of Transportation, Use of 3D Immersive Visualizations, Bentley Systems PopularBentley Systems 4811-Apr-2016
Three Storey Concrete Building Analysis and Design Example with Seismic Provisions (including a reinforced concrete squat wall). PopularSoftek Services Ltd. 83810-Jul-2008
The Tablet Connection: Connecting BIM to Commissioning, Handover and Operations PopularMotion Computing 4605-Nov-2010
Sweco’s ‘Live BIM’ Railway Project Significantly Improves Efficiency on Hallandsås Project PopularBentley Systems 7217-Jan-2014
Sri Lanka Survey Department Deploys Bentley Map for Digital Topographic Mapping PopularBentley Systems 16413-Aug-2014
SimTejo Implements Real-time Integrated System to Accurately Predict Sewer Overflows in Lisbon’s Water Network PopularBentley Systems 5622-Oct-2014
SEI Engineering Uses 3D Models to Accelerate Design, Review, and Approval PopularBentley Systems 8724-Jul-2014
ProjectWise Increases Efficiency by Enabling Fast access to 10 million Engineering Documents PopularBentley Systems 10223-Jul-2013
PowerCivil for Brazil Shifts Sotepa's Focus from Software to Solutions PopularBentley Systems 4611-Jun-2015
Port of Helsinki’s Maintenance System Inspires Productivity Increase and Return on Information PopularBentley Systems 6228-Jan-2014
Pacific Gas and Electric Company Achieves USD 5.7 Million in Annual Savings with Bentley(R) Substation PopularBentley Systems 5903-Jun-2013
OSi Uses Bentley Map PopularBentley Systems 3721-Sep-2015
Nippon Steel & Sumikin Engineering Uses Bentley SACS Software to Design Innovative Offshore Runway in Tokyo PopularBentley Systems 5705-Jun-2013
Napier City Council Chooses Bentley Platform to Reduce Costs and Increase Data Reuse PopularBentley Systems 6318-Sep-2013
Lessons learned from the London 2012 Games construction project PopularBentley Systems 12419-Nov-2013
LENC Increases Productivity and Design Efficiency for São Paulo Road Redesign PopularBentley Systems 9605-Aug-2011
Learning Legacy Study: Bentley ProjectWise Featured in London "Learning Legacy" Study: Read It Now! PopularBentley Systems 7530-Jul-2012
L&T-Sargent & Lundy Uses Bentley’s MicroStation for 3D Design of Supercritical Power Plant in India PopularBentley Systems 9911-Sep-2014
John McAslan + Partners Uses 3D Modeling to Facilitate Design of Kings Cross Station PopularBentley Systems 4825-Mar-2015
i-TEN Associates Uses Bentley MicroStation to Deliver Highly Accurate 3D Models from Point-cloud Data PopularBentley Systems 4711-Oct-2014
Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy Builds MicroStationpowered Integrated Plant Construction System PopularBentley Systems 4630-Sep-2013
Guangdong Electric Power Design Institute Standardizes on Bentley on $730 Million Project PopularBentley Systems 9731-Jul-2014
Gippsland Water Factory Alliance Uses AutoPLANT on Wastewater Treatment Facility PopularBentley Systems 17627-Aug-2014
gINT Supports Comprehensive Geotechnical Information Management System for the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City PopularBentley Systems 10102-Jun-2014
GEA Process Engineering France Uses ProjectWise to Drive Global Project Collaboration and Business Growth PopularBentley Systems 4304-Dec-2013
Foster + Partners Competes for Gold at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow PopularBentley Systems 16910-Jul-2014
Edge Structures Serves Ace in Design of Wimbledon Stadium Improvements PopularBentley Systems 8727-Jul-2014
eB Streamlines Document and Records Management to Significantly Improve Regulatory Rating PopularBentley Systems 7531-Jan-2012
Eastman Deploys ProjectWise® to Drive Collaboration, Greater Efficiency, and Cost Savings PopularBentley Systems 8803-Aug-2015
Constellation Energy Upgrades to Electronic Performance Improvement Center Using Bentley’s eB PopularBentley Systems 5431-Jan-2012
City Information Modeling for Sustaining Cities - Bentley Systems PopularBentley Systems 10204-Aug-2011
China Nerin Engineering Improves Efficiency by 20 Percent with Bentley’s 3D Design Technology PopularBentley Systems 21828-Feb-2013
Cast Study: CostEffective Leak Indentification using WaterGEMS PopularBentley Systems 11111-Nov-2014
Bentley Federated GIS Based on Bentley Map Enables Cancún to Collect 66 Percent More Property Tax PopularBentley Systems 5516-May-2014
AutoPLANT and ProjectWise Integration Cuts Enogex Project Delivery Time by 25 Percent PopularBentley Systems 8604-Jun-2013
ArcelorMittal Mines Canada Saves CAD 7 Million Annually in the Maintenance Shop PopularBentley Systems 9312-Sep-2013
Alabama Department of Transportation, The Mobile River Bridge Project, Bentley Systems PopularBentley Systems 4111-Apr-2016
AG5 Uses AECOsim Building Designer PopularBentley Systems 4822-Jul-2015
ADG Drones Realisations, Roquefavour Aqueduct, Bentley Systems PopularBentley Systems 4805-Apr-2016
Precision Contracting Services Deploys Bentley’s Communications Products PopularBentley Systems 5815-Feb-2012
2009 Year In Infrastructure PopularBentley Systems 4123-May-2010
Working to Save the Amazon Rainforest with Vectorworks Landmark Nemetschek VectorWorks 107-Nov-2009
Wm. L Robinson Concrete Maxwell Systems, Inc. 204-Jul-2008
WaterCAD Helps Sabesp Identify Optimal Hydraulic Strategy, Solving Water Supply Issues Bentley Systems 1408-Oct-2014
Vectorworks, Vectorworks Spotlight And Renderworks Team Up To Help Bring The Ben Franklin's Ghost Exhibit To Life Nemetschek VectorWorks 206-Dec-2009
Vectorworks Turns Architecture into Art Nemetschek VectorWorks 323-Jan-2010
Vectorworks Spotlight Lights Up Metallica on Tour Nemetschek VectorWorks 028-Nov-2009
Vectorworks Spotlight Helps The Daily Show Deliver on Cue Nemetschek VectorWorks 213-Jun-2009
Vectorworks Spotlight Goes for the Gold at Australia's Commonwealth Games Nemetschek VectorWorks 421-Nov-2009
VectorWorks Rejuvenates the Town of Spa, Belgium Nemetschek VectorWorks 330-May-2009
Vectorworks Proves Versatile For Cutting-Edge New York City Design Firm Nemetschek VectorWorks 108-Aug-2009
Vectorworks Landmark Helps Behnke Nurseries with a Project for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Nemetschek VectorWorks 523-May-2009
Vectorworks is an All-in-one Solution for Building High-tech Trade Show Exhibits Nemetschek VectorWorks 227-Sep-2009
Vectorworks Helps Stage the 2008 GRAMMY Celebration Nemetschek VectorWorks 204-Jul-2009
Vectorworks Helps Revitalize Amherst College Nemetschek VectorWorks 030-Jan-2010
Vectorworks Helps Landscape Architect Go to Press Nemetschek VectorWorks 322-Aug-2009
Vectorworks helps Create Hip Space for High-fashion Crowd Nemetschek VectorWorks 214-Nov-2009
Vectorworks Helped Create the Winning Entry to the Miami Monument Competition Nemetschek VectorWorks 229-Aug-2009
Vectorworks Designer Helps Bring the Universe Down to Earth Nemetschek VectorWorks 218-Oct-2009
Vectorworks Designer Helps Bring 007 to the Big Screen Nemetschek VectorWorks 519-Dec-2009
Vectorworks Brings Daniel Libeskind’s Futuropolis to Life Nemetschek VectorWorks 1016-Aug-2009
Vectorworks Architect Revives the Venice International Film Festival Nemetschek VectorWorks 203-Oct-2009
Vectorworks Architect on Broadway Nemetschek VectorWorks 219-Sep-2009
Vectorworks Architect Helps Reinvent Videoconferencing Nemetschek VectorWorks 205-Sep-2009
Vectorworks Architect Helps Home Theater Design Firm Work Smarter in 3D Nemetschek VectorWorks 310-Oct-2009
Vectorworks Architect Gives More Design Freedom to Custom Home Architects Nemetschek VectorWorks 301-Aug-2009
Vectorworks Architect Beats AutoCAD in Design-Build Competition Nemetschek VectorWorks 1212-Sep-2009
Vectorworks "Trumps" Tower Signage Challenge Nemetschek VectorWorks 618-Jul-2009
UTI Speeds Design Approval Utilizing AutoTURN Technology Transoft Solutions Inc. 307-Mar-2009
Using InfoNet for efficient model building in eastern England Wallingford Software Ltd 307-Mar-2009
United Water Adopts Innovative Modeling Processes to Improve Water System Management Bentley Systems 025-Aug-2010
United Utilities adopts Infoworks CS 2D to develop Penketh flood alleviation plans Wallingford Software Ltd 207-Mar-2009
United Maintenance Maxwell Systems, Inc. 204-Jul-2008
Turner & Townsend exactal asia limited 201-Jul-2013
Tri-City Mechanical Maxwell Systems, Inc. 204-Jul-2008
Tocci Building Corporation ColumbiaSoft 205-Jul-2008
Time is Money Illinois Company Sees Tangible Benefits with ConstructionOffice UDA Technologies, Inc. 508-Mar-2009
The use of radar rainfall data in Scotland? Wallingford Software Ltd 507-Mar-2009
The Terranea Resort Project Team Uses Bluebeam PDF Revu for Punchlists and Back Checks Bluebeam Software, Inc. 202-Mar-2010
The Sky is the Limit with Vectorworks Architect Nemetschek VectorWorks 1131-Oct-2009
The J Companies uses ProjectXnet Cloud Hosting Service to enhance Efficiency and reduce Operating Cost. The Cram Group 108-Jun-2011
The Darmstadtium GRAPHISOFT 323-Oct-2011
The Changing Face of Partnering Project 3 Technologies 201-Aug-2011
The Ark Building GRAPHISOFT 1023-Oct-2011
Tapani Plumbing Maxwell Systems, Inc. 404-Jul-2008
T-Splines accelerates complex architectural shape development T-Splines, Inc. 225-Nov-2011
SYNERGY for Engineers (Case Study: Klopfer Dobos Pty Ltd) Total Synergy Solutions Inc. 003-Mar-2010
SYNERGY for Engineers (Case Study: Kehoe Myers Consulting Engineers) Total Synergy Solutions Inc. 103-Mar-2010
SYNERGY for Architects (Case Study: Scott Carver Architects) Total Synergy Solutions Inc. 303-Mar-2010
SYNERGY for Architects (Case Study: Cottee Parker Architects) Total Synergy Solutions Inc. 903-Mar-2010
SYNERGY for Architects (Case Study: Alex Popov & Associates) Total Synergy Solutions Inc. 103-Mar-2010
Sydney Water reaps the benefits of modeling integration Wallingford Software Ltd 807-Mar-2009
Svigals + Partners Brings Specification Writing In-House with BSD SpecLink 3520 Piedmont Road, Suite 415 Atlanta, GA 30305 888-BSD- Building Systems Design, Inc. 108-Feb-2009
Supply and Installation of Natural Stone Finishes, GemStar Group, Inc. On Center Software 106-Feb-2009
Suncor Energy (Edmonton Refinery) Information Plant (Bentley Systems) Bentley Systems 1915-Mar-2016
Submission to the AIA TAP Knowledge Community, First Annual BIM Awards Competition Solibri, Inc. 510-Jul-2008
Structural Modeler Coordinates 3D Design of World's Tallest Ferris Wheel Bentley Systems 1808-Oct-2014
Stepping up to the Major Leagues Florida Builder Hits Home Run with ConstructionOffice UDA Technologies, Inc. 608-Mar-2009
Standardized checklist processes let inspectors focus on what really matters Latista Technologies, Inc. 303-Mar-2009
STAAD.Pro Saves USD 400,000 on Hamon Air-cooling Island Design Bentley Systems 1908-Oct-2014
St. Mary's Grand Junction, McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. On Center Software 206-Feb-2009
SRV Group - Kamppi Center Project Vico Software, Inc. 410-Jul-2008
Spectrum™ Construction Management Software Gives Missouri Contractor More Info in Less Time Dexter & Chaney, Inc. 308-Jul-2008
SpecLink’s Up-To-Date Reference Standards Helps Waterleaf Architecture Stay Ahead Building Systems Design, Inc. 208-Feb-2009
Spatial data applications from InfoWorks WS models Wallingford Software Ltd 407-Mar-2009
Software solutions help put baseball back in the nation’s capital Latista Technologies, Inc. 203-Mar-2009
Snowbound’s RasterMaster SDK Breathes New Life into Hospital’s EMR System Snowbound Software 117-Nov-2011
SITEOPS® helps Map Limited win projects valued at $32 Million BLUERIDGE Analytics 320-Nov-2011
Service Provider Counts on POSDATA POSDATA, Inc 020-Dec-2011
ScottishPower Strategy for Asset Management and Process Safety (Bentley Systems) Bentley Systems 2415-Mar-2016
ScottishPower Strategy for Asset Management and Process Safety Bentley Systems 1030-Apr-2014
Rugged Hardware for Harsh Environments Intergraph Corporation 403-Jul-2008
Robin Partington & Partners Leverages Bentley Software to Create Curvilinear Park House Bentley Systems 1917-Jan-2014
RM Bridge Enables Armando Rito Engenharia to Improve Quality of Life in Angola Bentley Systems 2428-Jan-2014
Ripley Entertainment, Inc. WennSoft 310-Jul-2008
Retail Chain Finds Their Solution with POSDATA POSDATA, Inc 120-Dec-2011
Reputable Rental House finds lost revenue with TITAN DPL America 409-Jul-2008
Renovating the Bundeshaus with Vectorworks Architect Nemetschek VectorWorks 202-Jan-2010
Refresh Deployment Goes Hand-In-Hand with Reverse Logistics Processes POSDATA, Inc 020-Dec-2011
Reducing procurement errors Lattice3D 204-Jul-2008
Reducing Costs and Payroll While Improving Customer Service WennSoft 205-Mar-2009
Red Rock Mechanical Maxwell Systems, Inc. 404-Jul-2008
Recycled Materials Company, Inc. Maxwell Systems, Inc. 204-Jul-2008
RCM2 at Siberian Generation Company (Bentley Systems) Bentley Systems 1315-Mar-2016
R & R Contracting finds success with BUILD2WIN Field Tracking BID2WIN Software, Inc. 106-Feb-2009
Quality assurance on the Job site requires quality software in the field Latista Technologies, Inc. 303-Mar-2009
PWP Landscape Architecture Puts Vectorworks Landmark in its Master Plan Nemetschek VectorWorks 225-Jul-2009
Putting Projects into Perspective: rojo Architecture Designs in 3D using Vectorworks Architect Nemetschek VectorWorks 616-May-2009
Putting Bluebeam’s Takeoff Tools to the Test: Quantity Surveyor Calculates Takeoffs 70% Faster with Revu Bluebeam Software, Inc. 002-Mar-2010
Primo Electric Company Maxwell Systems, Inc. 204-Jul-2008
Predictive DG5 at risk register Wallingford Software Ltd 207-Mar-2009
Platt Electric goes paperless by scanning the contents of 64 file cabinets into Document Locator. ColumbiaSoft 305-Jul-2008
Parsons Brinckerhoff and Arup Use Bentley Software to Create Australia’s Largest Road Project Bentley Systems 2828-Jan-2014
Palmetto Paving Corp. Maxwell Systems, Inc. 204-Jul-2008
Oy Alfred A. Palmberg Ab Varma Salmisaari project Adroitec Information Systems Ltd 302-Feb-2009
Oy Alfred A. Palmberg Ab - Varma Salmisaari Project Vico Software, Inc. 210-Jul-2008
Optimizing Water & Sewer Infrastructure MWH Soft 105-Jul-2008
Operational efficiencies help interior design firm cope with the economic downturn WennSoft 205-Mar-2009
Océ Solutions at HGA Architects & Engineers Océ North America, Inc. 503-Jun-2009
Northern Air Corporation Maxwell Systems, Inc. 204-Jul-2008
Nippon Steel & Sumikin Engineering Uses Bentley SACS Software to Design Innovative Offshore Runway in Tokyo Bentley Systems 117-Jun-2013
Newton Kerr and Partners exactal asia limited 001-Jul-2011
New Hosted Service Provides Cost Savings Accela, Inc. 306-Jul-2009
Napier City Council GIS and Asset Management (Bentley Systems) Bentley Systems 1515-Mar-2016
Multi Span Australia exactal asia limited 301-Jul-2011
MOSES Minimizes Redundant Steel in ORCA Offshore's Analysis Bentley Systems 3110-Aug-2015
Monroe Plumbing & Heating Maxwell Systems, Inc. 404-Jul-2008
Mitchell Brandtman exactal asia limited 101-Jul-2011
Messana O’Rorke Architects Unite Past and Present using Vectorworks Architect Nemetschek VectorWorks 312-May-2009
Managing a Multifaceted Project with Vectorworks Architect Nemetschek VectorWorks 616-Jan-2010
Maintaining quality Residential Properties Brings Millions of Dollars in Savings Latista Technologies, Inc. 503-Mar-2009
Maeg Workshop, Steel Service Center GRAITEC 231-Jan-2016
Luken Holdings Maxwell Systems, Inc. 304-Jul-2008
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Achieves $800,000 in Annual Savings with Bentley’s ProjectWise Bentley Systems 731-May-2014
L&T-Valdel used Bentley software to analyze the module for all static and dynamic loads observed during pre-service and in-service conditions. Bentley Systems 523-Mar-2015
Koutsoftides Architects GRAPHISOFT 423-Oct-2011
KLC School of Design Makes the Grade with Vectorworks Nemetschek VectorWorks 113-Feb-2010
Kansas City Chiefs' Arrowhead Stadium, Compusult, Inc. On Center Software 506-Feb-2009
Kamppi Center Project Adroitec Information Systems Ltd 402-Feb-2009
K. Alan Co. Maxwell Systems, Inc. 204-Jul-2008
JLP Delivers Railway Tunnel Clearance Modifications at minimal Cost Bentley Systems 3014-Sep-2015
J. Marion Bryan & Sons Maxwell Systems, Inc. 304-Jul-2008
iSAT Network Engineers Design Substations 40% Faster with the Bentley Substation Solution Bentley Systems 2027-Jul-2015
IRS Audit Goes Smoothly for Metro Electric - thanks to Spectrum Document Imaging Dexter & Chaney, Inc. 320-Feb-2009
Intergraph Provides Critical Evidence for Murder Trial Intergraph Corporation 303-Jul-2008
InRoads® Modeling Enables Mortenson Construction to Shrink Wind Farm Footprint. Bentley Systems 2028-Jan-2014
InRoads® Modeling Enables Mortenson Construction to Shrink Wind Farm Footprint Bentley Systems 2917-Dec-2013
InfoWorks RS forms basis for flood map of Northern Ireland Wallingford Software Ltd 307-Mar-2009
Information Mobility Helps Deliver Award-winning Project Bentley Systems 3425-Feb-2014
IHS Standards Expert™ IHS 528-Feb-2013
Hubbell, Inc. Improves Project Tracking with BUILD2WIN BID2WIN Software, Inc. 206-Feb-2009
Henn Architects: Built for Speed with VectorWorks Architect Nemetschek VectorWorks 506-Jun-2009
HDR Tappan Zee Hudson River Crossing: The New New York Bridge, Bentley Systems Bentley Systems 3130-Mar-2016
Hayes and Lunsford Maxwell Systems, Inc. 204-Jul-2008
Hatch Mott MacDonald Enables Collaboration and Reduces Risk during Rail Signal Design Bentley Systems 2001-Feb-2016
Graham Landscape Architecture Uses Vectorworks Landmark to see both the Forest and the Trees Nemetschek VectorWorks 320-Jun-2009
GLY Construction Gets More with Bluebeam PDF Revu Bluebeam Software, Inc. 202-Mar-2010
From Small Time to Prime Time ConstructionSuite User Featured on HGTV's Televison Show "Curb Appeal" UDA Technologies, Inc. 108-Mar-2009
From Builder to Businessman UDA ConstructionOffice Transforms Third-Generation North Carolina Contractor UDA Technologies, Inc. 108-Mar-2009
Free form design for molded consumer products T-Splines, Inc. 125-Nov-2011
Four Simple Ways to Be a More Effective Manager SmartDraw.Com 619-Sep-2009
Fitzpatrick Engineering Group Uses Bentley BIM Software for Major Structural Design Project Bentley Systems 1708-Oct-2014
Fischer Excavating, Inc. Maxwell Systems, Inc. 204-Jul-2008
First National Bank of Omaha— In Their Own Words BRG | Business Resource Group 507-Feb-2009
Finding a Better Way to Work with Vectorworks Adobe PDF Support Nemetschek VectorWorks 009-Jan-2010
F5 Tablet PCs Eliminate Communications Delays Saving Time and Money Motion Computing 805-Nov-2010
Engineering the 21st Century Utility: A Changing Industry Bentley Systems 127-Jul-2010
Engineering Reclaims Space After Digitizing Drawings BW Document Management solutions 520-Jan-2008
Eliminating the Complicated A Lifetime of Experience Leads to UDA ConstructionSuite UDA Technologies, Inc. 208-Mar-2009
Effective IDSE/DBPR Compliance with InfoWater MWH Soft 005-Jul-2008
Doster Construction Deploys Motion Tablet PCs, Reduces Process Time from Weeks to Just Days Motion Computing 505-Nov-2010
Don Chapin Maxwell Systems, Inc. 204-Jul-2008
Document Locator helps the company move to digital documents. ColumbiaSoft 205-Jul-2008
Document Locator helps North Davis County Sewer District effectively manage water testing and analysis to meet regulatory requirements. ColumbiaSoft 512-Feb-2009
Document Locator helps BMA improve collaboration, ColumbiaSoft 205-Jul-2008
Dirtworks, PC, Designs a Living Classroom with the Help of Vectorworks Landmark Nemetschek VectorWorks 226-Dec-2009
Digital Vault Accelerates Construction Firm's Information Flow BW Document Management solutions 420-Jan-2008
Determination of overland flow path lines using a hydrodynamic 2D model Wallingford Software Ltd 307-Mar-2009
Design Tec Job Costing Software Case Study WennSoft 027-Sep-2009
DeSantis Commercial, Inc. Maxwell Systems, Inc. 204-Jul-2008
Delivering P2P Process Improvement Management Briefing Papers Construction Industry Solutions (Shaker) Corp. 113-Feb-2009
David A. Nice Builders, Inc. Maxwell Systems, Inc. 404-Jul-2008
Customized Services leads to win-win relationship POSDATA, Inc 120-Dec-2011
Creating Sustainable Designs With Vectorworks Architect Nemetschek VectorWorks 707-Feb-2010
Conquering the Kauai Flood Zone with Vectorworks Designer Nemetschek VectorWorks 124-Oct-2009
Concept design T-Splines, Inc. 1925-Nov-2011
Comprehensive Water System Integration MWH Soft 005-Jul-2008
Comprehensive All-Pipe Fire Flow Modeling MWH Soft 105-Jul-2008
Commercial Real-estate Firm Establishes In-house Scan/Archive Department BW Document Management solutions 620-Jan-2008
Chemical Sector ANALISIS-DSC 109-Nov-2011
Case Study: WaterCAD helps Sabesp Identify Optimal Hydraulic strategy Bentley Systems 2611-Nov-2014
Case Study: STAAD.Pro Saves $400,000 on Hamon Air-cooling Island Design Bentley Systems 3211-Nov-2014
Case Study: Harris Electric Data-Basics 119-Feb-2009
Case Study: Encon, Inc. Data-Basics 319-Feb-2009
Cancun Federated Geospatial Information System (Bentley Systems) Bentley Systems 815-Mar-2016
California Lottery Wins Big with Integrated Project Delivery Ideate, Inc. 623-Oct-2011
C.S. McCrossan Increases Productivity with BID2WIN and BUILD2WIN BID2WIN Software, Inc. 116-Sep-2009
C.E. Jarrell Contracting Maxwell Systems, Inc. 404-Jul-2008
Building Studio Bentley Systems 2201-Apr-2015
BSD CostLink/AE Helps Gillis and Associates Produce Accurate and Timely Budgets Building Systems Design, Inc. 108-Feb-2009
Bryant Management Maxwell Systems, Inc. 304-Jul-2008
Bristol Water Improves Business Performance with Enterprise Management of Street Works Noticing Bentley Systems 1417-Jan-2014
Bristol Water Improves Business Performance with Enterprise Management of Street Works Noticing Bentley Systems 2013-Dec-2013
Boilers ANALISIS-DSC 109-Nov-2011
Bluebeam Saves the Day for Telluride eGroup at the 2009 Greenbuild Conference & Expo Bluebeam Software, Inc. 102-Mar-2010
BID2WIN's Versatility Instills Confidence in BA Blacktop's Estimating and Bidding BID2WIN Software, Inc. 116-Sep-2009
BID2WIN is Instrumental in Winning Every Job at Equipt, Inc. BID2WIN Software, Inc. 116-Sep-2009
BID2WIN Estimating & Bidding Keeps Sommers Engineering a Low Bidder in a Tough Economy BID2WIN Software, Inc. 416-Sep-2009
Better Project Accounting a Strategic Asset for Construction Firm Synergy Business Solutions 405-Mar-2009
Better manufacturing Lattice3D 504-Jul-2008
Bentley Software Helps Reduce OSX-3 FPSO Topside Steel Weight by 10 Percent Bentley Systems 1227-Feb-2015
Bentely Software helps Overcome Design Challenges of Innovative BHAU Institute Bentley Systems 1527-Feb-2015
Beam Model vs FE Model Softek Services Ltd. 1010-Jul-2008
BE&K uses AVEVA Laser Model Interface to reduce steps when dealing with 'existing conditions' in 3D plant modelling Aveva Group Plc 705-Jul-2008
Atlantic United Construction Synergy Business Solutions 105-Mar-2009
Asset Management Solution Provides Time and Cost Savings Accela, Inc. 806-Jul-2009
As Nature Intended, With Alphacam Planit 131-Jan-2012
Architect – Online data repository BW Document Management solutions 720-Jan-2008
ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor Operation Uses AssetWise Performance Management to Achieve USD 2.1 Million in Savings in One Year Bentley Systems 2830-Apr-2014
Arcelor Mittal Burns Harbor Bentley Systems 1802-Apr-2015
Apopka Relief High School, Kenpat USA, LLC On Center Software 506-Feb-2009
An Investment in Success: A New England Contractor's Story UDA Technologies, Inc. 208-Mar-2009
Alterman Electric Saves Time, Increases Revenue with Spectrum Electronic Substantiated Billing Dexter & Chaney, Inc. 208-Jul-2008
Allergan Pharmaceuticals Cleanroom IES CONSULTING 112-Jun-2010
Alabama Department of Transportation, The Mobile River Bridge Project, Bentley Systems Bentley Systems 411-Apr-2016
AEROmetrex, 3D Map of Philadelphia for 2015 Papal Visit Bentley Systems 305-Apr-2016
AEI, Trevor Pearcy Building, Australia Case Study IES CONSULTING 004-Jun-2010
Active Construction Cuts Overhead by $75,000 to $100,000 a Year with the Help of Dexter + Chaney and Spectrum™ Dexter & Chaney, Inc. 230-Sep-2009
A&D Automatic Gate and Access Maxwell Systems, Inc. 604-Jul-2008
2D Runoff Modeling - A Pipe Dream or the Future? Wallingford Software Ltd 607-Mar-2009
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