Graphics Systems Top DriveWorks Reseller
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Graphics Systems Top DriveWorks Reseller

Graphics Systems Corporation was honored as the Top DriveWorks Reseller in the World at the DriveWorks Reseller Conference in New Orleans, LA February 8, 2007. DriveWorks is a Gold Solution Partner for SolidWorks that provides rules-based design automation for companies than want to eliminate repetitive steps in their design process.

Graphics Systems has established itself as the leader in DriveWorks and SolidWorks sales regionally and now world-wide. Through several DriveWorks and SolidWorks implementations, Graphics Systems has assisted companies to significantly reduce their design times ( The reduction in repetitive tasks alleviates company bottle-necks and allows designers and engineers to focus on designing new products.

“Graphics Systems set the standard for DriveWorks Resellers this past year,” said Jason Graves, DriveWorks Channel Manager. “Their commitment to DriveWorks and SolidWorks has led to companies significantly reducing design times, some by over 90 percent. Graphics Systems has a proven success of providing DriveWorks solutions to make their customers’ products more competitive and profitable than they ever imagined.”

Graphics Systems fully supports DriveWorks sales, consulting, and training. Live Webcast Demonstrations for DriveWorks and other products are available regularly on the Graphics Systems website. Currently, DriveWorks webcasts are being held on February 28 at 10 a.m. CST and March 20 at 2 p.m. CST. Register at for a DriveWorks webcast today!

DriveWorks is the leading global provider of affordable and user-friendly Design Automation software for companies that Engineer-To-Order. DriveWorks allows users to automate repetitive tasks and streamline the generation of design and manufacturing documents and data. The company focus is to develop powerful, yet easy to use, products that benefit engineering companies and their customers. As a result, DriveWorks is affordable, easy to use and fast to implement for most Engineer-to-Order companies.

Headquartered in Thelwall (Manchester) UK and with over 70 Resellers worldwide; DriveWorks customers include manufacturers of commercial vehicles, machinery, materials handling equipment, custom furniture, windows and doors catering, heating and ventilation equipment, mechanical seals, pressure vessels, electronic components and more.

DriveWorks is the only SolidWorks certified Gold Partner Solution for design automation/KBE. For more information on DriveWorks please visit

Graphics Systems is the Midwest’s leading provider of DriveWorks and 3D CAD solutions with over 15 years in business, and over 125 years of combined engineering experience. Major product offerings through Graphics Systems include DriveWorks automated design software, SolidWorks product design software, COSMOSWorks analysis tools, PDMWorks database management, DBWorks database management, Dimension 3D Printers and more. Graphics Systems is your source for CAD sales, training, service, and support.

For more information on DriveWorks or to schedule product demonstrations or webcasts, please call Graphics Systems at 800-454-CADD or visit

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