IDELIX Receives Cadalyst Magazine's Wow! Award
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IDELIX Receives Cadalyst Magazine's Wow! Award

- PDT wins recognition as one of the most innovative visualization technologies
on the market -

VANCOUVER, BC June 30, 2003 - Pliable Display Technology (PDT) by IDELIX
Software Inc. definitely has the "Wow-factor" according to the editors of
Cadalyst Magazine who selected PDT for recognition in their annual Wow! Awards.

"IDELIX's Pliable Display Technology caught our attention as an innovative
solution to problems designers face daily. PDT provides a new and intuitive way to view, comprehend, and edit increasingly complex designs and data sets,"
remarked Cadalyst executive editor Sara Ferris.

Cadalyst editors based their selections primarily on the Wow! Factor - is the
product innovative, and does it creatively solve problems? They also considered how useful and distinctive the product is compared with other offerings in its market niche. Cadalyst is not the first to take notice of the growing market traction IDELIX is experiencing with their innovative "detail-in-context" visualization and data manipulation technology. Earlier this year, IDELIX also received Advanced Imaging Magazine's "Imaging Solution of the Year" award.

PDT is a virtual lens technology that facilitates "detail-in-context" viewing
and data manipulation in 2D and 3D data sets. PDT lenses replace inefficient
zooming-and-panning processes and provide support to the host application's
existing design tools leading to improved accuracy and efficiency of common
tasks such as point-to-point measurement, red-lining and markup. A platform and data format independent toolkit, PDT's Application Programming Interface can easily be integrated by application vendors and system integrators as an
advanced visualization solution to the challenge of working with complex 2D and 3D information within the spatial limits of a display screen. IDELIX plans to unveil Version 3.0 of the PDT Software Development Kit (SDK) at the ESRI User Conference being held in San Diego July 6-11. With this release, IDELIX will further extend its reach to the CAD/CAM/CAE market through the addition of a new vector painting system as well as support for DirectX, COM and .NET development.

"With PDT, the user has precise and direct control over how data is displayed
using our unique in-place UI, so as to optimally view and work with the data,"
noted Dr. David Baar, CTO and Founder of IDELIX. "Once integrated into an
application, many of the host application's existing design and editing tools
can operate seamlessly through the PDT Lens, thereby increasing the value of
each and every tool. Powerful new lens-assisted editing operations are
possible, such as lens-assisted cropping, trimming, and object placement. These operations reduce the number of navigation steps that must be made to do a given operation precisely, making the user more productive."

The Wow! Award winners are highlighted in the June issue of Cadalyst or online

IDELIX Software Inc. is changing the status quo of digital data and image
presentation through innovations in visualization. A leader in 2D and 3D
graphics technology, IDELIX has developed a patents-pending geometry engine
called Pliable Display Technology (PDT). PDT is a virtual lens technology that
can be integrated into leading software applications to create a more efficient workflow process. PDT's real time "detail-in-context" functionality makes tasks such as image management, viewing, editing or presentation easier for users working within the spatial limitations of a display screen. Major opportunities for PDT exist in markets where visualization software plays a large role such as CAD/CAM/CAE, Defense, GIS and Remote Sensing, Handheld/Wireless, and Oil and Gas Exploration and Production.

For further information on partnership opportunities, contact:

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