Unrivalled 3D Model Access & File Support From Latest Version of NavisWorks3
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Unrivalled 3D Model Access & File Support From Latest Version of NavisWorks3

Sheffield, UK, 22nd September 2003: NavisWorks Ltd., developers of interactive viewing technology and the leading 3D Design Review solution claim that their latest version offers unequalled access to design files and the rich data set they can contain. Comprehensive information about the file format support for this latest version of NavisWorks3 has now been published to the NavisWorks website.

Version 3.2 of NavisWorks3 is compatible with the most recent releases of all the popular 3D design file formats, including SolidWorks 2004, and offers universal access to review a 3D design without a CAD system. Visitors to the NavisWorks web site can now easily discover the 3D CAD systems and file formats that are supported and thus identify their most convenient path to create NavisWorks3 .NWD files.

Delivering the flexibility and Freedom, a free viewer that allows everyone to quickly view and walkthrough models in real time, NavisWorks3 maximizes the increased productivity and resulting production efficiency offered by 3D design software. Communicating design intent to improve understanding and effective single model based team working is simple with NavisWorks3 regardless of file size or format.

Compatible & Interoperable
The core of the NavisWorks3 design review solution; NavisWorks3 Roamer is fully compatible with most popular 3D design file formats, opening them quickly for walkthrough and review of geometry, object information and materials. Roamer3 allows the design professional to read and combine competing 3D file formats to create supermodels for review so interoperability is no issue and large data files are handled with ease on ordinary PCs.

Publish .NWD
The Publisher3 plug-in for Roamer3 adds the valuable facility to create NavisWorks3 .NWD files that offer a common 3D review platform for everyone.

Publisher3 is the key to revolutionizing design review, transforming existing practise into effective electronic processes that are more inclusive, take less time and improve design output.

An Ideal Review Standard
The NavisWorks3 proprietary .NWD file format offers a standard for distribution and review of 3D CAD models because it is compact and secure. When published as NavisWorks3.NWD everyone can visualize and navigate even the largest project supermodel. Published NavisWorks3.NWD files retain the visual and data fidelity of the native 3D CAD file but can be more than 70% smaller than the original.

NavisWorks3 .NWD files can be password protected and can be "save disabled" in addition to carrying author credit, date expiry and copyright information. Most excitingly, published NavisWorks3 .NWD files can be visualized and explored with the free NavisWorks3 viewer.

Freedom To Bridge The Divide
Free to own, making it free to view and roam 3D models, NavisWorks3 Freedom simplifies and extends design review. With Freedom anyone can explore the design, free from the limitation of pre-programmed animation and without specialist skills or hardware. NavisWorks3 Freedom means that design communication and use of the 3D model is unlimited and without cost.

A 3D viewer for NavisWorks3 NWD files, Freedom is the answer for those without design software or specialist skills that want to explore a project model. Freedom offers an unrestricted, easy to use interface for real time navigation of even the largest 3D models complete with textures and materials.

About NavisWorks
NavisWorks Ltd. develops and markets unique interactive viewing technology to enable the exploitation of the benefits of 3D computer models.

NavisWorks3 products satisfy the need for an easy to use interactive 3D design review solution. Offering real time walkthrough, effective realistic and photorealistic visualization and interference checking for even the extremely large design models. NavisWorks software can be used on a standard desktop or laptop PC by anyone involved in a project.

The NavisWorks product range is localized in 5 languages and offered to end-users through a worldwide distribution channel of value added resellers and direct from leading developers of 3D CAD software as a preferred complementary product. NavisWorks products are customizable through a powerful application-programming interface [API].

NavisWorks is a privately owned limited company based in Sheffield, UK and has a wholly owned subsidiary, NavisWorks Inc, in Arizona, USA.

NavisWorks, the NavisWorks logo and NavisWorks 3D Mail are registered trademarks of NavisWorks Ltd. All other trademarks, product names, company names and logos are property of their respective owners.