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Sumit Singhal
Sumit Singhal
Sumit Singhal loves modern architecture. He comes from a family of builders who have built more than 20 projects in the last ten years near Delhi in India. He has recently started writing about the architectural projects that catch his imagination.

Skyline Rooftop Museum by OFIS arhitekti

April 24th, 2011 by Sumit Singhal

2010_Competition proposal
Urban context

The building is placed within the forecast area in a way that establishes a dialogue with its surroundings and respects the existing volumes and flows. At the eastern part of the building is open outer space – park area, which creates a multi-purpose entry space, space for socializing, events and open air exhibitions. It creates a gap between existing historical building and new construction, while joining the river bank with a transverse Street E. The difference of terrain height is designed in the form of the open air amphitheater. In this way it opens views towards the river bank and Lent also from inside of the area and generates perpendicular flows and connections.

Skyline Rooftop Museum

  • Architect: OFIS arhitekti
  • Name of project: Skyline Rooftop Museum
  • Project team: OFIS – Rok Oman, Spela Videcnik, Janez Martincic, Katja Aljaz,  Janja Del Linz, Andrej Gregoric.


  • Mechanical, electrical, Sustainable engineering: ISP d.o.o
  • Structure engineering: Jaka Zevnik u.d.i.g., ELEA IC d.d.
  • Software used: 3DS Max

Skyline Rooftop Museum

Street E will be arranged as multi-purpose pedestrian area and vibrant out-door space for exhibition, workshops, socialize and other events. Along the street there are artist studios and child care center with house of experiments and cafe. These spaces have terraces towards the street. Also entrance to the multipurpose entrance hall as well as the other parts of the complex leads from the street. Street will become a dynamic, vibrant and creative outer space, which will create a special pulse of the city.

Side View

Along the bank is restaurant with a terrace. As the road along the back is for motor traffic, the restaurant and terrace is raised one level above, so the space offers beautiful views and intimacy. Access to the terrace is both, from the exterior and the interior. From the bank leads also entrance to workshops and museum shop. Service is a street in at the back of the building; here access to the garage and delivery is organized.

Exterior View


The volume of the complex is a synthesis of the major orthogonal cubes and the finest triangulated structures. In a symbolic way it represents a synthesis of new build cubes at the western side of the site and the fragmented tissue that is created by historical pitched roof buildings on the west. The proposed volume softens and creates a visual transition between the historical and new.

Exterior View

Functional the volumes are main large programmatic units (exhibition space, lecture hall, library…), triangulated structures are light boxes that guide the northern lights, and partly also create space for programs with lower heights. Mixture of volumes and structures is creating dynamics and communicative ambient inside and outside of the building. It creates terraces and patios at different levels and mix of external and internal space.

Front View

Programmatic scheme

Organization of programs follows the scheme of the tender and allows facility to operate in different opening times in a way that the diversity of events does not interfere but is complementary. Outdoor spaces are positioned in such a way that are related and connected to the interior and can became extended space of event outside of the building.

Interior View

Access for visitors

Park outside is a green auditorium, from here leads the main entrance to the entrance hall. This – lower entrance is at the level of river bank. Access to the hall is also a level above – from the Street E. From the entrance hall are accesses to all the different sets of building in a way that it is possible to protect and close those sets that do not have simultaneous operations.

Additional, separate direct access for visitors are also possible from Street E to the cafe and children’s museum, an architectural museum and center of creative industries. From the river bank there is additional access to the restaurant and terrace through the flat ramp. From the river bank one can also access separately to the museum shop and workshops.

Interior View

Access to staff

Access for the staff is at the back of the building from Ribiška Street. From here it is possible to access all parts of the building.


Delivery of and access to the depositories is from Ribiška ulica. Transport hall and the receiving area are located at the service – pocket road, which branches from the Ribiška ulica and enables the delivery of large goods vehicles or trailers. Delivery area is covered, the organization of space and access to cargo elevator, the transport entry hall and the manipulation. Room enables safe takeover and delivery of works of art measuring up to 4.0 x 4.0 m.

Interior View

Cargo elevator is positioned on a way that perforates as many exhibition spaces and depositories as possible allow fast and safe delivery of exhibits. Delivery for trucks up to 4.20m height is also through the ramp into the basement floor. Here main depositories, workshops and technical rooms are displaced and delivery can be direct. Delivery to the kitchen and catering is also from the pocket-street. Outside working hours the direct delivery and catering to the cafe is from Street E, also, if necessary, direct delivery to architectural museum, children’s museum and center of creative industries. Access for cars to garage is via ramp from Ribiška. Intervention is possible around the entire complex.


Vertical and horizontal communication

Vertical and horizontal communication in the complex of the New UGM connect Foremost the foreseen programs and public and internal gallery spaces into one functional unit. The connections are short, and they enable the visitors good orientation around the complex. Exhibition and central spaces have multifunctional communication paths. Main stairway connecting from Street E creates an auditorium – both inside and outside the complex. Internal entrance opens as a viewing balcony towards the lower entrance space. The entrance space is communicative and transparent…

Interior View

Some communications, such as within the Architecture Museum are designed as mild ramp that allow exhibits along the path the visitor. Ramp is also linking park with the terrace of the restaurant. The basic communications lifts and staircase are the central part of the complex, connecting all floors and the various programs. This part of the communication is open outside working hour’s gallery, allowing access also to the club and library. Paths allow unhindered access for disabled visitors to all premises.

Interior View

Allocation of primary programs

Types of programs are transparent but on the other hand allow interaction through spatially separate units. The central part of the complex occupies a new gallery that is situated on three levels. At the gallery along the Street E is Children’s Museum.

Architectural Center and the Center of Creative Industries are located across the Street E and are associated with the complex below and above the street. Accompanying program such as restaurants, library, information center, store, workshops and lecture hall are around the gallery and are accessible directly from the lobby – most of them also directly from the street.

Model 01

Outer space complex

It acts as the outer space of events and link between different units. It has intensive communication with the city – basically, these are 4 areas:

– park amphitheater

It acts as a green connection between the historical building and the new center. Amphitheater shape bridges the difference in height between the Street E and the river bank. It acts as an entrance to the complex, outdoor space of events, children playground, external exhibition area and viewing platform.

– Creative Street E

Street is a dynamic external space along which are Center of Creative Arts Workshops, cafe, children’s museum, house experiments and part of the architectural museum. Through all year this street will be space of workshops, games, free presentations and socializing. Through the park, the views open towards river bank and Lent.

– Terrace

Since the bank is not car free, the outer surface of the complex here rises to a level above the street. This is the terrace restaurant, which is connected with the park and river bank through mild ramp. Terrace is an intimate, bright, sunny space with beautiful views of the river, Lent and the new part of town.

Model 02

Urban living room

It is arranged in two floors and partly opened as a gallery and accessible from the river bank and Street E. It is opened towards the park. Due to openness – both in the vertical direction and as glazed façade it becomes light and communicative space through which one can enter into all parts of the complex. Multipurpose entrance hall (1.2.1.) has info center, cloakrooms and guest restrooms. The space is bright and pleasant, through its openness, transparency and excellent communication visitors get their first impression of the complex and the layout.

Model 03

Information Center (1.2.2.) has 6 posts and is organized as an island at the lobby, which can be also partly glass and visually separated from the central events. Gallery shop (1.2.3.) is at the entrance so that visitors can enter in it at the beginning or at the end of the visit. Conceived as an independent spatial set, which may also act at a time when exhibition closed, it has the option of direct access from the river bank. It is flexible and has the option of shop window the river and Hall. Cloakroom (1.2.4.) is at the lobby and has the option of free or restricted access. At the locker room the main bathroom for the visitors is located (1.2.5.).

Plan 01

From entrance hall one can access to educational workshops (1.3.1. – 4), strung along the river. Organization allows also their integration or separation. They have direct access to a small external garden along the bank, which also allows for occasional work outdoors. Workshops can be combined with lecture room. Multi-purpose lecture room (1.6.1.) is at the lobby, accessible from the shoreline as well as the level of the street. Visually it is related to the central staircase and the outer amphitheater which follows the terrain morphology. The room can be separated into two smaller units; at the back are technical rooms and cabins.

Plan 02

Exhibition space in the new UGM occupies three levels in the central part of the complex. Levels in the organization enables communicative space in which the exhibits can be viewed both – from the parterre and through the viewing balcony. The rooms are of different heights from 5.00 to 10.00 m they have different sizes and proportions and have several types of natural light .Natural light can be controlled or fully closed. Some spaces have sky lights, the other side lights, some direct windows overlooking the terrace or Lent. Soma spaces have connections with exterior in form of park, balcony terrace or patio. Diversity and vertical organization of the rooms creates communicative environment that allows different presentations and experiences, and allows exhibits of as wide visual field of creativity. The premises are connected together or separated. At different levels are also convenient stores and depots, all rooms have direct access to cargo elevator.

Plan 03

The ground floor is a space reserved for temporary exhibitions (1.1.2.). Access control is at the entrance hall. The room is 400.00 m2 and 7.00 m height and lighting of the side. The space can be observed also from the bridge-balcony. For special events and the opening it can be completely connected to the entry hall and lecture room. It has direct access to depots (2.5.3., 2.5.4., 1.7.2.). The space of the permanent collection (1.1.1.) in the 1st floor is a single room of 1600.00 m2 and a 6m high. The room has skylights as well as side windows. One can observe Lent from the space; the windows have the option of a complete black-out.

Diagram 01

In 2nd floor there are temporary exhibitions (1.1.2.). The room is cross-shaped, in part; it forms the bridge over the Street E. The room is a dynamic volume, a combination of natural skylight and facade lighting. It may be combined or separated. From space, the possibility also exists to enter the flat roof – terrace and patio, which allow external exhibits, but also offers beautiful views of Maribor and the surrounding area. Terrace can also be used for opening times and special events.

Diagram 02

1st floor_library and Archives.

Books and documents in free access (1.4.1.) are accessible to all visitors independently of the operating times of the gallery. They have access from the main stairs and elevators, which relate to the direct entrance from the Streets E. Libraries and archives, are interlinked in an open, airy, bright space, natural lighting is through the long facades. Here are also reading room area, offices, video room and other documents.

Diagram 03

Besides the library is club (5.3.1.) with stage, store and toilet facilities for staff. Toilets for visitors’ convenience and wardrobe may also serve library and gallery. Even access to the Club can be separate from the hall, one can observe through the balcony a view of the entrance hall, outdoor park and Lent. Administration UGM is in the attic of the facility. It has direct access by lift and staircase. Within the space are offices, reception, meeting room, which can also be arbitrarily divided or merged. Administration has the outdoor terrace for informal meetings or presentations with the views against Lent. Offices have natural lighting and ventilation, allowing a pleasant working environment.

Diagram 04

Children’s Museum is located in the high ground along the Street E. Classrooms and playrooms of daily protection center (2.1.) are opened to the street through the open terraces, so that they can be extended to the street. Location of the museum on the ground floor allows direct connection with the outside, and allows easy access to disabled and parents with trolley. Rooms are equipped with mobile equipment that allows different work processes and they may combine into smaller or larger units. Children’s museum can be connected or closed to the central hall. From the museum is direct access to the park area, which can act as a playground. Adjacent to the museum is also a cafe where parents wait for children.

Diagram 05

Multipurpose room (2.3.) is by the playrooms and also has good lighting, a terrace and direct exit to the street. It may be separated in several small rooms and offers various events. Museum has House of experiments (2.2.), cloakrooms (2.5.1.) and restrooms for children (2.5.2.). Within the museum are also spaces for employees with natural lighting. Restaurant (5.1.) is the high ground at the shore. Due to height difference it is actually located one level above the bank, so it creates intimate space towards the traffic of Vojašniška Street. Restaurant is along the bank and has external covered terrace from which one can enter via the ramp directly to the bank. From restaurants and terraces, there are beautiful views of Lent, Maribor and Pohorje. The internal space has a dining room for 60 guests with tables; it has kitchen, storage, wardrobe and toilets for guests and staff. Entrance to the interior of the complex is through the balcony above the exhibition space, which provides a view of the exhibits. Delivery to the kitchen is with the elevator directly from the loading bay or garage.

Diagram 06

Center of creative industries are located along Street E and with UGM is connected via a bridge or bridge below and above the street. It also has a direct entrance from the Street E. On the ground floor and first floor there are 25 artists’ studios. Ground floor studios have a terrace outside and are opened to the street or park. Studios are simple rooms, which can be used for various forms of creation or as an office and have natural lighting and ventilation. If desired, may connect together. Rooms on the first floor have terrace, allowing work in the opened and has beautiful views of the street park and river.

Diagram 07

At the entrance is the multipurpose room (3.3.) designed for meetings and presentation. It is linked to the entrance and can also be used as a hall for various events. In 2.floor there are 4 apartments, two (3.2.2.) for Creative industries and two (1.5.1) for guests of UGM. Architecture Center is located in the basement and ground floor and is accessible from the entry hall of new UGM. It also has its own entrance from the outside – straight from the street. Exhibition space (4.1.1.) aims to organize exhibitions and round tables, workshops and other events. Exhibition space offers various exhibits and can be shared. The room has partly single and partly double height (7.00m). Within the museum are also offices, toilets and storage.

Diagram 08

Technical facilities are located mostly in the basement floor, and partly also in the floors, where necessary. In the basement is also underground parking with access from the Ribiška streets. It has parking for 70 cars. This part of the garage has a height of 2.60m, while the part of the garage, where delivery and transport has height of 4.20m. Depots are mostly in the basement floor, partly on the ground floor and other floors as well as, where appropriate. In the basement is a depository for the permanent collection (, all the depots and workshops have direct access to the cargo lift as well as direct access to the delivery road .Position allows them to maintain optimum conditions for temperature and humidity.

Diagram 09

Transport hall is on the ground floor directly by the pocket of Ribiška Street, allowing a smooth delivery. Area delivery is visually obscured by a covering and has direct link to the movement of the lift and accepting space (1.7.3.). Technical workshops ( are in the basement near the depots and delivery and allow proper maintenance and repair. Photographic studio and darkroom (1.8.2.) are also located in the basement at the depots and workshops.

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