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Manufacturing Processes for Technology
Author: Fellers, William O. / Hunt, William W.

Cover: Hard cover
Pages: 444
List Price: $76.70
Published by Merrill Publishing Company
Date Published: 09/1998
ISBN: 0023368810


The text''s thorough coverage of modern manufacturing technologies gives students a solid introduction to the types of technology they are likely to encounter on the job.

  • included is discussion of such contemporary topics as Coordinate Measuring Machines, robotics, SQC, Just-in-Time scheduling, cellular organization, and Computer Integrated Manufacturing.

A full chapter on powder-metal forming examines preparation and blending of the powder; compaction and sintering; and the finishing of sintered parts, including techniques of infiltration, impregnation, and sizing.

A full chapter on manufacturing with composites thoroughly explores the use of these materials.

  • included are discussions of types of fabrics and types of resins.
  • manufacturing techniques addressed include hand lay-up, pre-preg, filament winding, and pultrusion.
  • coverage addresses such curing processes as vacuum bagging and autoclaving.
  • strong attention is paid to advantages and disadvantages of plastics and composites for various applications.

The use of both metric and inch equivalents makes the relationship between the two systems easy for students to understand, regardless of their background, and facilitates the conversion from inch to metric which is increasingly required in technology-based careers.

Several photo-essays strategically placed in the text illustrate the set-up and use of common manufacturing equipment.

End-of-chapter problem sets include both problems for solution and worked-out example problems.