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An Introduction to Transport Phenomena in Materials Engineering
Author: Gaskell, David R.

Cover: Soft cover
Pages: 637
List Price: $72.00
Published by Macmillan
Date Published: 11/1991
ISBN: 0023407204

Table of Contents

1. Engineering Units and Pressure in Static Fluids.
2. Momentum Transport and Laminar Flow of Newtonian Fluids.
3. Equations of Continuity and Conservation of Momentum and Fluid Flow Past Submerged Objects.
4. Turbulent Flow.
5. Mechanical Energy Balance and Its Application to Fluid Flow.
6. Transport of Heat by Conduction.
7. Transport of Heat by Convection.
8. Transient Heat Flow.
9. Heat Transport by Thermal Radiation.
10. Mass Transport in the Solid State by Diffusion.
11. Mass Transport in Fluids.
Appendix A. Elementary and Derived SI Units and Symbols.
Appendix B. Prefixes and Symbols for Multiples and Submultiples of SI Units.
Appendix C. Conversion from British and U.S. Units to SI Units.
Appendix D. Properties of Solid Metals.
Appendix E. Properties of Nonmetallic Solids.
Appendix F. Properties of Gases at 1 Atm Pressure.
Appendix G. Properties of Saturated Liquids.
Appendix H. Properties of Liquid Metals.
Recommended Readings.
Answers to Problems.