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VHDL, Third Edition
Author: Perry, Douglas L.

Cover: Hard cover
List Price: $60.00
Published by McGraw Hill
Date Published: 05/1998
ISBN: 0070494363


VHDL is firmly entrenched as the universal communication medium for computer-aided design. In his comprehensive guide, updated and expanded to reflect the very latest design and synthesis methodology, expert Doug Perry guides you through the complex process of creating a VHDL design:

  • Simulating and synthesizing
  • Placing and routing
  • Using VITAL simulation to verify the final result

Whether you're a VHDL veteran or just getting acquainted with the language, this sourcebook will have you writing and verifying concise, efficient VHDL descriptions of hardware designs in surprisingly little time. A detailed example walks you through a small CPU design from the VHDL capture to VITAL simulation, honing your knowledge in preparing you for your own high-level design flow.

A handy desktop reference as well as a hands-on guide, VHDL also contains:

  • A listing of the IEEE 1164 STD-LOGIC package used throughout the book
  • Useful tables and figures
  • Instructions for reading the Bachus-Naur format (BNF) descriptions found in the VHDL Language Reference Manual