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Design with Digital Tools : Using New Media Creatively (McGraw-Hill Professional Architecture)
Author: Von Wodtke, Mark

Cover: cover
Pages: 384
List Price: $49.95
Published by McGraw Hill (Tx)
Date Published: 12/1999
ISBN: 0071344969

Table of Contents

Part I: Methods "What to Do"
Chapter 1: Learn to Navigate and Work in Information Environments
Chapter 2: Use New Media to Gather Information, Perceptions, and I
Chapter 3: Make Digital Models to Represent Realities
Chapter 4: Design with Digital Tools
Chapter 5: Communicate with New Media

Part II: Case Studies "How to Do It"
Chapter 6: Publishing: On Paper, On Line
Chapter 7: Design Visualization: Realizing a Better Future
Chapter 8: Multimedia: Reaching a Broad Audience
Chapter 9: Applying Special Effects
Chapter 10: Applying 3D Modeling
Chapter 11: CADD: Communication-Aided Design and Data
Chapter 12: Applying Geographic Information Systems
Chapter 13: Involving Community Participation

Part III: Strategies "Realizing the Potential"
Chapter 14: Regenerate Body, Mind, and Spirit
Chapter 15: Interact and Collaborate Online
Chapter 16: Manage Projects Online
Chapter 17: Broker Digital Data
Chapter 18: Implement Better Ideas - Quicker
Chapter 19: Create Virtual Realities
Chapter 20: Use Multimedia
Chapter 21: Ride Waves of Change

Appendix A: Bibliography
Appendix B: Glossary Index