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Architect's Professional Practice Manual
Author: Franklin, James R.

Cover: cover
Pages: 288
List Price: $59.95
Published by McGraw Hill (Tx)
Date Published: 03/2000
ISBN: 0071358366


The time-saving professional secrets, the management-expediting skills, and the marketing savvy that have made Jim Franklin's American Institute of Architects seminars famous--this book gives you them all, and more. In an appealingly easy-access, illustrated format, Jim Franklin lays out tools to make your working easier, more fun, and more profitable, featuring:

  • Practical strategies for reclaiming the $27,000 worth of negatively invested time that the average architect loses each year
  • Pragmatic, day-to-day marketing moves that are enjoyable and bring you more business
  • Flexible approaches, procedures, interpersonal skills, and communication how-to's for transforming adversaries into collaborative team players
  • Negotiating strategies for every occasion
  • Up-to-the-minute information on trends, including practice issues for design-build and construction management
  • Proven best-practices in handy shortcut, tip, and list form
  • Quotes from leading architects on how they work
  • Essential documents, letters, samples contracts, and forms, in ready-to-print format

Designed to suit architects' approach, sensibilities, and style, this graphical guide goes down the list, revealing the essential people-handling and business and money management skills you wish they'd taught you in school. Far more than mere vitamins for your practice, as the author states, this book is a genuine painkiller.