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Table of Contents

Architect's Professional Practice Manual
Author: Franklin, James R.

Cover: cover
Pages: 288
List Price: $59.95
Published by McGraw Hill (Tx)
Date Published: 03/2000
ISBN: 0071358366

Table of Contents

Part 1. Making Projects.
Chapter 1: Marketing.
Chapter 2: Indirect Marketing.
Chapter 3: Direct Marketing.
Chapter 4: Negotiation.
Chapter 5: Preparing for Negotiation
Chapter 6: Collections.
Chapter 7: About Money.
Chapter 8: Don't Manage Time, Manager Yourself.
Chapter 9: Interpersonal Skills.
Chapter 10: Groupwork.
Doing Projects.
Chapter 11: Getting the Firm out of the Way.
Chapter 12: Tips for Better Projects.
Chapter 13: Project Management as Lateral Leadership.
Chapter 14: Post-occupancy and Predesign.
Postscript: On the Dharma of Ineffable Drawings.