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Low-Voltage, Low-Power Digital BiCMOS Circuits : Circuit Design, Comparative Study, and Sensitivity Analysis
Author: Rofail, Samir S. / Yeo, Kiat Seng

Cover: Hard cover
List Price: $73.00
Published by Prentice Hall
Date Published: 07/1999
ISBN: 0130113808


Innovative low-voltage, minimum-power BiCMOS design techniques for today's fastest-growing applications.

  • Design concepts, in-depth analyses, and new methodologies.
  • Choosing the best BiCMOS circuit for your application.
  • Predicting and managing circuit performance sensitivities.

KEY BENEFIT: State-of-the-art BiCMOS design techniques are critical to delivering the low-voltage, minimum-power, maximum-performance circuits demanded by today's highest value applications. This comprehensive review of the field focuses on the latest design concepts, in-depth analyses, and methodologies -- all fully supported by experimental data, and illuminated by the insights of two world-recognized experts.

KEY TOPICS: The authors introduce the fundamentals of low-voltage, low-power design, with a comprehensive description of BiCMOS process technology that highlights techniques for maximizing performance. They present a new low-power ultra-low capacitance BiCMOS process, and preview other key trends in BiCMOS process technology. Comprehensive coverage also includes: a new methodology for constructing a device model for a given wafer, using device characterization tools and experimental data; analytical and experimental characterization of sub-half micron MOS devices; full-swing BiCMOS circuits, bootstrapping and transient saturation; and much more. Also covered: quasi-complementary BiCMOS, Schottky BiCMOS/BiNMOS, high-beta BiCMOS, and feedback BiCMOS circuits. The book offers exceptionally thorough coverage of predicting and managing BiCMOS circuit delay time and power dissipation sensitivities. In particular, it offers a convenient, reliable solution for calculating worst-case speed degradation given a set of device and process parameter tolerances.

MARKET: For electrical engineers, managers, and circuit designers migrating towards lower power, higher performance applications.