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Introduction to Power Electronics
Author: Hart, Daniel W.

Cover: Hard cover
Pages: 418
List Price: $95.00
Published by Prentice Hall
Date Published: 09/1998
ISBN: 0023511826


Written as a true textbook for the undergraduate electrical engineering student with strong pedagogical support, complete with numerous examples, problems, chapter summaries, illustrations, and an extensive bibliography -- many competing "texts" are little more than reference books in the guise of a textbook, and lack the learning aids necessary to serve as an undergraduate text.

Integrates PSpice circuit simulation throughout the discussion of each topic in the text, and simulation is treated as an integral part of the analysis and design of power electronic circuits.

Includes a chapter on power computations, providing a sound foundation in the computational skills essential in the analysis of power electronic circuits.

Throughout, numerous worked examples are included, illustrating concepts and principles and reinforcing the material by showing the theory at work.

Presents an array of design examples and problems, keeping up with current trends in the field and helping to satisfy a portion of the ABET design requirements for accreditation.