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Labview Applications
Author: Jamal, Rahman / Pichlik, Herbert

Cover: Soft cover
Pages: 451
List Price: $59.00
Published by Prentice Hall
Date Published: 09/1998
ISBN: 0130964239

Table of Contents

Objectives of This Book.
Organization of This Book.
About the Authors.
1. Virtual Instruments.
2. LabVIEW Basics.
3. Data Acquisition and Instrument Control in LabVIEW.
4. Commercial Communication Applications in LabVIEW.
5. LabVIEW and Automation Technology.
6. LabVIEW and Fuzzy Logic.
7. LabVIEW and Basics--Evolution Strategies or Genetic Algorithms.
8. Mathematics and Simulation in LabVIEW.
9. Fourier Transformation in LabVIEW.
10. Time-Frequency Analysis of Signals.
11. Designing Digital Filters in LabVIEW.
12. Image Processing in LabVIEW.
13. Quality, Reliability, and Maintainability of LabVIEW Programs.
14. Statistical Process Control in LabVIEW.
15. LabVIEW and Quality Management.
16. LabVIEW in Medical Applications.
17. BioBench.
18. Control and Simulation in G--An Integrated Environment for Dynamic Systems.
19. Network-centric Test and Measurement System.