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Statistics for Petroleum Engineers and Geoscientists
Author: Jensen, Jerry / Corbett, Patrick

Cover: Hard cover
Pages: 390
List Price: $85.00
Published by Prentice Hall
Date Published: 09/1996
ISBN: 0131318551

Table of Contents

1. Introduction.
The Role of Statistics In Engineering And Geology. The Measurements. The Medium. The Physics Of Flow. Estimation And Uncertainty. Summary.
2. Basic Concepts.
Combinations Of Events. Probability. Probability Laws. Conditional Probabilities. Independence. Bayes'' Theorem. Summary.
3. Univariate Distributions.
The Cumulative Distribution Function. Order Statistics. Functions Of Random Variables. The Monte Carlo Method. Sampling And Statistics.
4. Features Of Single-Variable Distributions.
Noncentered Moments. Centered Moments. Combinations And Other Moments. Common PDF''s. Truncated Data Sets. Partitioning Data Sets. Closing Comment.
5. Estimators And Their Assessment.
The Elements Of Estimation. Desirable Properties Of Estimators. Estimator Bias. Estimator Efficiency. Estimator Robustness. Assessing The Sensitivities Of Estimators To Erroneous Data. Sensitivity Coefficients. Confidence Intervals. Computational Methods To Obtain Confidence Intervals. Properties Of The Sample Mean. Properties Of The Sample Variance. Confidence Intervals For The Sample Mean. Properties Of The Sample Median. Properties Of The Interquartile Range. Estimator For Nonarithmetic Means. Flow Associations For Mean Values. Physical Interpretability In Estimation. Weighted Estimators. Summary Remarks.
6. Measures Of Heterogeneity.
Definition Of Heterogeneity. Static Measures. Dynamic Measures. Summary Remarks.
7. Hypothesis Tests.
Parametric Hypothesis Tests. Nonparametric Tests. Summary Remarks.
8. Bivariate Analysis: Correlation.
Joint Distributions. The Covariance Of X And Y. The Joint Normal Distribution. The Reduced Major Axis (Rma) And Regression Lines. Summary Remarks.
9. Bivariate Analysis: Linear Regression.
The Elements Of Regression. The Linear Model. The Least-Squares Method. Properties Of Slope And Intercept Estimates. Separately Testing The Precision Of The Slope And Intercept. Jointly Testing The Precision Of The Slope And Intercept. Confidence Intervals For The Mean. Response Of The Linear Model And New Observations. Residuals Analysis. The Coefficient Of Determination. Significance Tests Using The Analysis Of Variance. The No- Intercept Regression Model. Other Considerations. Summary Remarks.
10. Bivariate Analysis: Further Linear.
Regression. Alternatives To The Least-Squares Lines. Variable Transformations. Weighted Least Squares. Reducing The Number Of Variables. The X-Axis Intercept And Error Bounds. Improving Correlations For Better Prediction. Multivariate Regression. Concluding Comments.
11. Analysis Of Spatial Relationships.
Data Types. Nominal Variables. Measures Of Autocorrelation. Estimating Autocorrelation Measures. Semivariograms In Hypothetical Media. Semivariograms In Real Media. Bias And Precision. Models. The Impact Of Autocorrelation Upon The Information Content Of Data. Concluding Remarks.
12. Modeling Geological Media.
Statistical Point Of View. Kriging. Other Kriging Types. Conditional Simulation. Simulated Annealing. Concluding Remarks.
13. The Use Of Statistics In Reservoir Modeling.
The Importance Of Geology. Analysis And Inference. Flow Modeling Results. Model Building. Concluding Remarks.