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Civil and Environmental Engineering Systems
Author: Revelle, Charles A. / Whitlatch, Earl

Cover: Hard cover
Pages: 528
List Price: $139.00
Published by Prentice Hall
Date Published: 01/1997
ISBN: 0131386786


Features a pragmatic approach to linear programming and other forms of optimization:

  • Describes how and why linear programming works.
  • Uses an abundance of applications to motivate the learning of the methodologies.
  • Begins with problems that are easier to formulate, and follows with problems that demand greater skill to put into solvable forms.

Provides a solid treatment of multiple objective programming.

Offers thorough and integrated coverage of integer programming and network problems.

Features "Lessons in Context" chapters which teach new techniques in the context of need -- with advanced and extended realistic examples.

Contains in-depth chapters on engineering economics and decision theory to help students develop a solid foundation upon which to compute important model parameters.

  • Focuses on topics such as the time value of money, cash flow analysis, and selection of economic alternatives.

Contains an abundance of substantive examples and problems.