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Civil and Environmental Engineering Systems
Author: Revelle, Charles A. / Whitlatch, Earl

Cover: Hard cover
Pages: 528
List Price: $139.00
Published by Prentice Hall
Date Published: 01/1997
ISBN: 0131386786

Table of Contents

1. Explaining Systems Analysis.
2. A Graphical Solution Procedure and Further Examples.
3. The Simplex Algorithm for Solving Linear Programs.
4. Linear Programs with Multiple Objectives.
5. Integer Programming and Network Problems, Part I.
6. Integer Programming and Network Problems, Part II.
7. Scheduling Models: Critical Path Method.
8. Decision Theory.
9. Lessons in Context: The Statistics of Prediction and Simulation.
10. Lessons in Context: A Multi-goal Water Resources Problem Utilizing Multiple Techniques.
11. Lessons in Context: Transportation Systems.
12. Dynamic Programming and Non-Linear Programming.
13. Engineering Economics 1: Interest and Equivalence.
14. Engineering Economics 2: Choice Between Alternatives.
15. Engineering Economics 3: Depreciation, Taxes, Inflation, and Personal Financial Planning.
Appendix: Compound Interest Tables.