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Mechanics of Fluids, Second Edition
Author: Potter, Merle C. / Hondzo, Midhat

Cover: Hard cover
Pages: 800
List Price: $128.00
Published by Prentice Hall
Date Published: 04/1997
ISBN: 0132076225

Table of Contents

1. Basic Considerations.
2. Fluid Statics.
3. Introduction to Fluids in Motion.
4. The Integral Forms of the Fundamental Laws.
5. The Differential Forms of the Fundamental Laws.
6. Dimensional Analysis and Similitude.
7. Internal Flows.
8. External Flows.
9. Compressible Flow.
10. Flow in Open Channels.
11. Flows in Piping Systems.
12. Turbomachinery.
13. Measurements in Fluid Mechanics.
14. Environmental Fluid Mechanics.
Answers to Selected Problems.