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Thematic Cartography and Visualization
Author: Slocum, Terry A.

Cover: cover
Pages: 224
List Price: $75.00
Published by Prentice Hall
Date Published: 12/1998
ISBN: 0132097761


This comprehensive book bridges the evolution in cartography by presenting both traditional methods and recently developed computer-based cartographic techniques. Covers a range of mapping methods, including traditional univariate mapping methods; recently developed approaches for visualizing spatial data; and bivariate and multivariate mapping techniques. The book also emphasizes computer-based symbolization reflecting the shift toward technology. This discussion covers hardware considerations in map production, the use of digital methods for interpolating between point locations on isarithmic maps, how digital methods of GIS and remote sensing assist in creating dot and dasymetric maps, and tools programmers can use to develop their own software. It also presents the relationship between statistical and graphical methods. Finally, the book provides sources to help readers locate the software mentioned throughout the book. An essential resource for any professional who would benefit from methods of presenting data visually, rather than numerically.