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Reinforced Concrete: Mechanics and Design
Author: MacGregor, James G.

Cover: Hard cover
Pages: 912
List Price: $139.00
Published by Prentice Hall
Date Published: 09/1996
ISBN: 0132339749


Coverage for each subject progresses from theory (why things are done) based on mechanics, to the derivation of the design method, to practical design requirements, to worked-out examples.

Presents the various topics -- flexure, shear, columns, etc. -- at two levels:

  • Begins each topic with the basics.
  • Moves to more advanced topics not usually found in American texts -- e.g., unsymmetrical beams and columns, strain compatibility solutions of beams, P - D analyses of frames, and the design of deep beams and column-beam joints.

Features 92 examples -- each worked out completely from first principles (at least once) and in the same step-by- step order. Examples:

  • Begin with guidance on how to select trial sections and end with a drawing of the reinforcement.
  • Illustrate the effects of unequal spans and other situation normally encountered in design -- but not in textbooks.
  • Increase in complexity within each chapter.

Contains an abundance of line drawings and photographs.

Presents the theory of reinforced concrete as a direct application of the laws of statics and the behavior of reinforced concrete.

Emphasizes that a successful design not only satisfies the design equations, but also is capable of being built at a reasonable price.

Presents the theory of shear and torsion based on truss models that emphasize important aspects of member behavior.

Includes complete treatment of column interaction diagrams.

Contains a comprehensive set of design aids (Appendix A).

Includes 117 chapter-end problems, some asking for a verbal answer to explain some aspect of the mechanics of the problem.