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Feedback Control Systems, Third Edition
Author: Phillips, Charles L. / Habor, Royce

Cover: Hard cover
Pages: 752
List Price: $84.00
Published by Prentice Hall
Date Published: 08/1995
ISBN: 0133716910


Develops both the transfer-function model and state-variable model for the analysis and design of linear analog systems.

Discusses the important concept of system stability, along with the Routh-Hurwitz stability criterion.

Explores modern control-system design, developing pole-placement design and introducing the design of state estimators.

Includes coverage on such nonlinear system analysis methods as describing-function analysis, linearization, and the state-plane analysis.

Introduces expanded frequency-response design criteria early in the presentation to help explain closed-loop systems.

Offers two Control Systems Programs (CPS) containing software and documentation for the IBM PC and compatible computers.

NEW--adds a section on time-scaling differential equations, helping students relate the transfer functions of systems examples to those of practical systems.

NEW--added additional practical applications--both as examples and end- of-chapter problems--to better relate the mathematical developments to physical systems.

  • offers entirely NEW end-of-chapter problems--all of which lead students through a second method of the solution to verify results.
  • illustrates the computer calculation of the results of the example with short MATLAB programs when applicable.

Gives instructor''s maximum text/course flexibility, placing more advanced material towards the end of each chapter, enabling easy topic ommission for a less intense course.