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Analysis of Shells & Plates
Author: Gould, Phillip L.

Cover: Hard cover
List Price: $139.00
Published by Prentice Hall
Date Published: 12/1998
ISBN: 0133749509


This is the only book to offer concise, unified physical interpretations of the fundamental engineering aspects of shell and plate behavior. Designed to help readers develop the physical and mathematical understanding required to perform analysis and design in an interactive computer- assisted environment, it uses an approach based on Vector Calculus (reducing the need for complicated trigonometry) and provides examples from many fields.

Covers Membrane Theory (Applications to Symmetrically Loaded Shells of Revolution; Applications to Nonsymmetrically Loaded Shells of Revolution; and Applications to Shells of Translation); Deformations; Constitutive Laws, Boundary Conditions, and Displacements; Energy and Approximate Methods; Bending of Plates: Displacement Formulation; Bending and Stability of Plates; Shell Bending: Applications to Circular Cylindrical Shells; and Bending Theory and Stability of Shells. Focuses on classical examples that illustrate the basic resistance mechanisms of selected configurations -- without undue mathematical complications. of boundary constraints. Provides examples from many fields -- e.g., concrete roofs, steel tanks, pressure vessels. For anyone interested in the fundamental engineering aspects of shell and plate behavior.