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Traffic Engineering, Second Edition
Author: Roess, Roger P. / McShane, William R.

Cover: Hard cover
Pages: 1171
List Price: $127.83
Published by Prentice Hall
Date Published: 12/1997
ISBN: 0134613368

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Traffic Engineering and Its Scope.
2. Emerging Issues and Trends in Traffic Engineering.
3. Traffic Stream Components and Characteristics.
4. Traffic Studies: Introduction and Overview.
5. Statistics and Applications in Traffic Engineering.
6. Volume Studies and Characteristics.
7. Speed, Travel Time, and Delay Studies.
8. Accident Studies.
9. Traffic Capacity Analysis Concepts.
10. Highway Capacity Analysis of Multilane, Uninterrupted Flow Facilities.
11. Areas of Concentrated Turbulence on Uninterrupted Flow Facilities: Weaving, Merging, and Diverging.
12. Calibrating Relationships for Freeway Analysis.
13. Analysis of Two-Lane Rural Highways.
14. Traffic Control Devices.
15. Introduction to Intersection Control.
16. Basic Principles of Intersection Signalization.
17. Fundamentals of Signal Design and Timing.
18. Analysis of Signalized Intersections.
19. Actuated Signals and Detection.
20. Calibration of Parameters for Critical Movement Analysis.
21. Techniques for Addressing Freeway System Congestion.
22. Signal Coordination for Progressive and Congested Conditions.
23. Computer Traffic Signal Control Systems for Arterials and Networks.
24. Arterial Design and Management.
25. Traffic Simulation: Principles and Tools.