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Systematic Methods for Chemical Process Design
Author: Biegler, Lorenz T. / Westerberg, Arthur W.

Cover: Hard cover
Pages: 796
List Price: $91.00
Published by Prentice Hall
Date Published: 05/1997
ISBN: 0134924223


This textbook covers modern techniques and approaches to chemical process design, emphasizing the use of systematic representations, mathematical optimization models, and computer-based solution techniques.

Part I of the book discusses the selection of flowsheets, and outlines methods for performing linear material balances, and preliminary sizing and costing for economic evaluation. The preliminary design and scheduling of batch processes is also covered.

Part II of the book deals with process modeling and discusses tearing and numerical equation solving algorithms, as well as the application of nonlinear programming techniques to process flowsheets.

Part III of the book discusses the use of graphical representations and insights for synthesizing reaction, separation and energy subsystems. They synthesis of complex separation systems is also discussed. Pg___

Part IV of the book deals with the application of mixed-integer programming techniques for the automatic synthesis of process systems, simultaneous optimization of flowsheets, and modeling of process operations, including flexibility and scheduling.