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Statistical Procedures of Environmental Monitoring Data and Risk Assessment
Author: McBean, Edward A. / Rovers, Frank

Cover: Hard cover
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Published by Prentice Hall
Date Published: 06/1998
ISBN: 0136750184

Table of Contents

1. Characteristics of Environmental Quality Data.
I. Statistical Measures and Distributions.
2. Statistical Characterizations of Data.
3. The Normal or Gaussian Distribution.
4. The Lognormal Distribution.
5. Additional Useful Distributions for Characterizing Environmental Quality Data.

II. Identifying System Changes.
6. Identification of System Changes and Outliers Using Control Charts and Simple Procedures.
7. Characterizing Coincident Behavior -- Regression and Correlation.

III. Hypothesis Testing of Environmental Quality.
8. Testing Difference Between Monitoring Records: Differences Between Two Locations for Single Constituents.
9. Multiple Comparisons Using Parametric Analyses.
10. Testing Differences Between Monitoring Records When Censored Data Records Exist.
11. Nonparametric Procedures.

IV. Risk.
12. Risk Assessment and Data Management.