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Fluid Mechanics for Chemical Engineers
Author: Wilkes, James O.

Cover: Hard cover
Pages: 599
List Price: $89.00
Published by Prentice Hall
Date Published: 07/1998
ISBN: 0137398972


An understanding of fluid mechanics is essential for the chemical engineer because the majority of chemical-processing operations are conducted either partially or totally in the fluid phase. Such knowledge is needed in the biochemical, chemical, energy, fermentation, materials, mining, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, polymer, and waste-processing industries. Written from a chemical engineering perspective, this comprehensive text covers fluid mechanics first from a macroscopic then a microscopic perspective. The first part includes physical properties, hydrostatics, and the three basic rate laws for mass, energy, and momentum, together with flow through pumps, pipes, and a wide variety of chemical engineering equipment. The second part covers:
  • Differential equations of fluid mechanics.
  • Viscous-flow problems.
  • Irrotational and porous-medium flows.
  • Nearly uni-directional flows, including those in boundary. layers, lubrication, calendering, and thin films
  • Turbulence and analogies between heat and momentum transport.
  • Bubble motion, two-phase flow, and fluidization.
  • Introduction to the concepts of non-Newtonian fluids.
  • Use of the Matlab PDE Toolbox for solving some problems in fluid mechanics.
Thorough and clearly written, Fluid Mechanics for Chemical Engineers gives the undergraduate and first-year graduate student a comprehensive overview of this essential topic. Bridging the gap between the physicist and the practitioner, the book provides numerous real-world examples and problems of increasing detail and complexity, including several from the University of Cambridge chemical engineering examinations. It also covers all the material necessary to pass the fluid mechanics portion of the Professional Engineer's exam.