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Architectural Acoustics : Principles and Design
Author: Mehta, Madan / Johnson, James Et Al.

Cover: Hard cover
List Price: $77.00
Published by Prentice Hall
Date Published: 12/1998
ISBN: 0137937954

Table of Contents

1. The Physics of Sound.
2. Sound Measurement and Hearing.
3. Sound Reflection, Diffraction and Diffusion.
4. Sound Absorbing Materials.
5. Principles of Airborne Sound Insulation.
6. Airborne Sound Insulation Practice.
7. Structure-borne Sound Insulation.
8. Noise Control in Buildings.
9. Control of HVAC Noise.
10. The Behavior of Sound in Rooms.
11. Design of Rooms for Speech.
12. Design of Rooms for Music-- Concert Halls and Music Practice Rooms.
13. Theaters, Multi-purpose Halls, Cinema Halls and Studios.
14. Speech Intelligibility, Speech Privacy and Open-Plan Offices.
15. Vibration Isolation.
16. Sound Reinforcement Systems.
Appendix A. SI System of Units.
Appendix B. Decibel Addition -- The Exact Procedure.
Appendix C. Standing Waves and Normal Modes of Vibration.
Appendix D. Principles of a Quadratic Residue Diffuser.
Appendix E. Flat Floor Depth and Raked Floor Slope.
Appendix F. Overall Transmission Loss of an Assembly.
Appendix G. Reverberation Time Equations.
Appendix H. Sound Absorption Coefficient Data.
Appendix I. Impact Insulation Class Data.
Appendix J. Sound Transmission Loss Data.
Appendix K. Important Formulas in Architectural Acoustics.
Glossary of Terms.