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Problem Solving in Chemical Engineering with Numerical Methods
Author: Cutlip, Michael B. / Shacham, Mordechai

Cover: Soft cover
Pages: 458
List Price: $90.50
Published by Prentice Hall
Date Published: 08/1998
ISBN: 0138625662


A great companion book including interactive software for students and professional engineers who want to utilize problem solving software to effectively and efficiently obtain solutions to realistic and complex problems.

An invaluable reference book that discusses and illustrates practical numerical problem solving in the core subject areas of Chemical Engineering.

Problem Solving in Chemical Engineering With Numerical Methods provides an extensive selection of problems that require numerical solutions from throughout the core subject areas of chemical engineering. Many are completely solved or partially solved using POLYMATH as the representative mathematical problem-solving software. Ten representative problems are also solved by Excel, Maple, Mathcad, MATLAB, and Mathematica.

Practical numerical analysis techniques discussed and applied include:

  • Curve fitting by polynomials and cubic splines with statistical analysis.
  • Linear regression and nonlinear regression with statistical analysis.
  • Simultaneous nonlinear equations.
  • Simultaneous ordinary differential equations (including stiff systems).
  • Differential-algebraic equation systems.
  • Partial differential equations (using the numerical method of lines).

Topical areas are organized by chapter:

  • Basic Principles and Calculations.
  • Regression and Correlation of Data.
  • Advanced Techniques in Problem Solving.
  • Thermodynamics.
  • Fluid Mechanics.
  • Heat Transfer.
  • Mass Transfer.
  • Chemical Reaction Engineering.

All problems are clearly organized and all necessary data are provided. Key equations are presented or derived. Practical aspects of efficient and effective numerical problem solving are emphasized. Many complete solutions are provided within the text and on the CD-ROM for use in problem-solving exercises.

CD-ROM contents:

  • Extensive selection of complete or partial solutions to book problems that utilize POLYMATH.
  • An installable version of the POLYMATH Numerical Computation Package for DOS and Windows on IBM compatible personal computers with complete manual.
  • Detailed write-ups of ten problem solutions by knowledgeable professionals that utilize Excel, Maple, Mathcad, MATLAB, Mathematica, and POLYMATH and include all particular program solution files.