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RF Microelectronics (Prentice Hall Communications Engineering and Emerging Technologies Series)
Author: Razavi, Behzad

Cover: Hard cover
Pages: 335
List Price: $83.00
Published by Prentice Hall (Sd)
Date Published: 11/1997
ISBN: 0138875715


If you're an electrical engineer, this book brings together all the RF design principles you need to know to participate in the wireless revolution. It covers a wide range of issues relevant to today's advanced RF integrated circuits and systems-the technology at the heart of wireless phones, pagers, home satellite networks, cable modems, and other revolutionary products.

RF Microelectronics begins with a thorough introduction to the fundamental concepts of RF design, including nonlinearity, interference, and noise. It then moves to the system level, introducing modulation and multiple access techniques and reviewing current wireless standards such as CDMA, TDMA, AMPS, and GSM. Next, the book describes transceiver architectures, emphasizing their advantages and drawbacks with respect to monolithic integration and presenting case studies for each. The integrated circuit techniques culminate in four chapters on the design of building blocks, including:

  • Low-noise amplifiers & mixers
  • Oscillators
  • Frequency synthesizers
  • Power amplifiers

Razavi focuses on critical performance and cost issues, showing how to minimize the number of off-chip components and optimize the relationships between all circuits in a transceiver. He covers analysis and design in both CMOS and bipolar technologies.

Whether you're a working electrical engineer or student, RF Microelectronics gives you a powerful headstart in designing products for today's fastest growing communications markets.