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A Mathematical Primer on Groundwater Flow : An Introduction to the Mathematical and Physical Concepts of Saturated Flow in the Subsurface
Author: Hermance, John F.

Cover: Soft cover
List Price: $31.33
Published by Prentice Hall
Date Published: 07/1998
ISBN: 0138964998


Preparing users for further study in numerical modeling, this practical, succinct review of the mathematical foundations of groundwater flow connects various mathematical flow equations to actual physical situations, helping readers understand mathematical formulas by demonstrating how the relations are derived and showing the legitimacy and/or relevance of a particular relation. Organized into three parts, the guide begins with a study of the fundamental relation of groundwater flow, with discussions that include the hydrologic nature of the subsurface, plus Darcy's Law and three dimensional flow; next, it looks at steady-state flow, deriving mathematical formulas for the refraction of flux, as well as steady-state flow in unconfined aquifers; then it concludes with a review of transient flow, delving into periodic and a periodic solutions in a confined layer to the diffusion equation for hydraulic head, and transient well discharge from a confined aquifer. For hydrologists, hydrogeologists, environmental engineers, environmental scientists, and civil engineers.