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Table of Contents

Industrial Ecology: Policy Framework and Implementation
Author: Allenby, Braden R.

Cover: Hard cover
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Published by Prentice Hall
Date Published: 06/1998
ISBN: 0139211802

Table of Contents

I. A New Policy Framework.

1. Introduction.
2. Overview of the Industrial Ecology Intellectual Framework.
3. Sustainable Development.
4. Industrial Ecology.
5. Industrial Ecology Infrastructure.
6. Applications to Practice: Sector Initiatives.
7. Applications to Practice: Techniques and Tools.
8. Applications to Practice: Research and Development.

II. Industrial Ecology Policy Development.

9. Complex Systems.
10. Risks, Costs, and Benefits.
11. Economic Issues.
12. Legal Issues.
13. Government Structure and Industrial Ecology Policy Formulation.
14. The Private Firm.

III. Case Studies.

15. Structured Design for Environment Case Study: The AT&T Matrix System.
16. Is the Private Firm Compatible with a Sustainable World?
17. Policy Case Study: The Netherlands.
18. Enhanced National Security Case Study: The United States.