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Environmental Chemistry: Chemical Principles for Environmental Processes, Volume 4B
Author: Teh Fu, Yen

Cover: Soft cover
Pages: 576
List Price: $76.00
Published by Prentice Hall
Date Published: 11/1998
ISBN: 0139723250


Master the fundamental chemical principles underlying environmental engineering. Professionals seeking to control, minimize and prevent environmental pollution need an in-depth understanding of the principles of chemistry and chemical engineering. Environmental Chemistry: Chemical Principles for Environmental Processes, Volume 4B is designed to impart this understanding. It begins by reviewing fundamental equilibrium-related principles underlying industrial processes, including:
  • Chemical equilibrium:
    Ideal vs. real systems, activity coefficients, electrolyte and ionic strength, and the Debye-Hückel theory.

  • Water softening:
    Carbonate systems, carbonate concentration diagrams, system and equivalent points.

  • Precipitation and stabilization:
    Dissolution, solubility products, Langelier indexes, and complexation-coordination chemistry.

  • Ion exchange:
    Exchange reactions, equilibria and kinetics; exchanger applications, and ion chromatography.

  • Coagulation:
    Destablization, coagulants, flocculation, and sedimentation
Next, the book introduces key chemical processes, such as combustion, thermochemistry and incineration; pyrolysis; photometry and photochemistry; disinfection; oxidation, reduction, corrosion, aeration and stripping. It reviews biochemical processes (biochemical kinetics, activated sludge, biotreatment, and bioconversion), as well as physicochemical processes (sedimentation, flotation, filtration adsorption, and membrane separation). It concludes by presenting essential electromechanical, magnetic and sonochemical treatment options.

Replete with examples, figures, tables, equations, references and problems, this is an essential resource for all engineers, chemists and environmental professionals.

A companion text, Environmental Chemistry: Essentials of Chemistry for Engineering Practice, Volume 4A, presents an overview of environmental chemistry in each envirosphere.