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Principles of Geographical Information Systems
Author: Burrough, P. A. / Burrough, P. A. Principles of ge

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Published by Oxford University Press
Date Published: 12/1997
ISBN: 0198233655

Table of Contents

        List of Plates                             xii
    ONE  Geographical Information: Society,          1  
    Science, and Systems
    TWO  Data Models and Axioms: Formal              17 
    Abstractions of Reality
    THREE  Geographical Data in the Computer         35 
    FOUR  Data Input, Verification, Storage, and     75 
    FIVE  Creating Continuous Surfaces from Point    98 
    SIX  Optimal Interpolation using Geostatistics   132
    SEVEN  The Analysis of Discrete Entities in      162
    EIGHT  Spatial Analysis using Continuous         183
    NINE  Errors and Quality Control                 220
    TEN  Error Propagation in Numerical Modelling    241
    ELEVEN  Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Geographical        265
    TWELVE  Current Issues and Trends in GIS         292
  APPENDIX 1  Glossary of Terms                      298
  APPENDIX 2  A Selection of World Wide Web          307
  Geography and GIS Servers
  APPENDIX 3  Example Data Sets                      309
  References                                         312
  Index                                              327