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Managing AutoCAD in the Design Firm: A Manual for Architects and Interior Designers
Author: Vagts, Karen A.

Cover: cover
Pages: 350
List Price: $29.95
Published by Addison Wesley
Date Published: 01/1996
ISBN: 0201489600


Effective management--not technical wizardry--is the key to maximizing the benefits of AutoCADr. In Managing AutoCAD in the Design Firm, Karen Vagts, a trained interior designer with a graduate degree in management, guides you through a careful examination of the issues involved in implementing AutoCAD effectively in your practice.

Managing AutoCAD in the Design Firm focuses on the relationship between CAD and the very specific standards and procedures that architects, interior designers, project managers, and other members of the architecture/design community apply in their normal practice.

  • Includes a novice-friendly, comprehensive discussion of configuring and customizing AutoCAD for design offices and guidelines for incorporating AutoCAD into the design process.

  • Presents a detailed analysis on the specific uses on AutoCAD in architecture and interior design, including: ADA compliance; area takeoffs; commercial symbol libraries; government work; historic preservation; desktop publishing with AutoCAD; and modeling in AutoCAD.

  • Provides hard-to-find information on the impact of AutoCAD on crucial business issues like project scheduling, design fees, marketing, liability, copyright protection, and personnel policies.

  • Formulates guidelines for AutoCAD administration and the management of AutoCAD data.

  • Includes a valuable glossary and an extensive guide to additional AutoCAD resources.

Managing AutoCAD in the Design Firm provides you with a practical framework for incorporating AutoCAD, or any CAD program, effectively and profitably into the overall design process.