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Mapping It Out: Expository Cartography for the Humanities and Social Sciences
Author: Monmonier, Mark

Cover: cover
Pages: 301
List Price: $17.00
Published by University of Chicago Press
Date Published: 07/1993
ISBN: 0226534170

Table of Contents

Preface                                            ix
    Maps in the Humanities and Social Sciences       1  
      Words and Maps                                 4  
      Maps, Location, and Spatial Pattern            12 
    Scale, Perspective, and Generalization           19 
      Scale Models and the Representation of Scale   22 
      Global Perspective and the Distortion of       31 
      Size and Shape
      Regional Perspectives and the Conservation     42 
      of Distance
      Some General Rules                             52 
    Visual Variables and Cartographic Symbols        55 
      The Visual Variables of Jacques Bertin         58 
      Form and Function in Cartographic              76 
      Accessible Coding and Cartographic Goals       88 
    Map Goals, Map Titles, and Creative Labeling     91 
      Communication Goals, Map Content, and          93 
      Graphic Hierarchies
      Typography as Cartographic Symbol              105
      Language and Cartographic Communication        116
    Cartographic Sources and Map Compilation         119
      Searching for Cartographic Information         122
      Copyright and Permissions                      139
      The Mechanics of Complilation                  147
      In Summary: Seek and Collect                   156
    Statistical Maps, Data Scaling, and Data         157
      Mapping Count Data                             159
      Mapping Intensity Data                         167
      Modifications for Greater Effectiveness        177
      The Ethics of One-Map Solutions                185
    Mapping Movement, Change, and Process            187
      Mapping Flows                                  189
      Spatial-Temporal Series and Maps of Change     193
      Distance Cartograms and Relative Space         198
      Fronts and Frontiers: Mapping War and          200
      The Map as a Narrative                         203
    Relational Maps and Integrative Cartography      207
      Patterns, Trends, and Spatial Models           209
      Superposition and Additive Overlays            220
      Representing Geographic Correlation            227
      Integrating Maps, Graphs, Words, and           242
  A Drawing Media: Electronic Graphics or            247
  Pen-and-Ink Drafting
      Tools for Compilation                          248
      Tools for Symbolization                        251
      Tools for Labeling                             253
      Software Compatibility and Planning            254
  B Working with a Cartographic Illustrator          257
      Working Relationships                          257
      What the Illustrator Will Need to Know         260
  C Selected Readings                                263
  Notes                                              267
  Sources of Illustrations                           289
  Index                                              293