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Table of Contents

How to Lie with Maps
Author: Mark Monmonier,Foreword by H. J. De Blij

Cover: cover
Pages: 186
List Price: $15.00
Published by University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226534219

Table of Contents

1: Introduction
2: Elements of the Map
3: Map Generalization: Little White Lies and Lots of Them
4: Blunders That Mislead
5: Maps That Advertise
6: Development Maps (or, How to Seduce the Town Board)
7: Maps for Political Propaganda
8: Maps, Defense, and Disinformation: Fool Thine Enemy
9: Large-Scale Mapping, Culture, and the National Interest
10: Data Maps: Making Nonsense of the Census
11: Color: Attraction and Distraction
12: Multimedia, Experiential Maps, and Graphic Scripts
13: Epilogue
Appendix: Latitude and Longitude
Selected Readings for Further Exploration
Sources of Illustrations