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Table of Contents

3D Drafting Using AutoCAD
Author: McFarlane, Bob

Cover: cover
Pages: 172
List Price: $99.00
Published by John Wiley & Sons
Date Published: 02/1997
ISBN: 0470237325

Table of Contents

Three-Dimensional Extruded Drawings
The UCS Icon
Three-Dimensional Coordinate Input
Creating a 3D Wire-Frame Model
Dimensioning a 3D Wire-Frame Model
Editing in 3D
Hatching in 3D
User Exercise 1
Viewing 3D Models
Multiscreen Views - Tiled Viewports
Three-Dimensional Surfaces
Three-Dimensional Faces
Three-Dimensional Mesh
Untiled Viewports - Paper Space
Centring Viewports
Three-Dimensional Polylines
User Exercise 2
Plotting Multiview Drawings
Edge Surfaces
Tabulated Surfaces
Ruled Surfaces
User Exercise 3
Three-Dimensional Wblocks
Attributes in 3D
Viewport Specific Layers
Slides in 3D
Three-Dimensional Rendering