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Bringing Geographical Information Systems into Business, Second Edition
Author: Grimshaw, David J.

Cover: cover
Pages: 400
List Price: $65.00
Published by John Wiley and Sons
Date Published: 10/1999
ISBN: 0471333425


GIS systems deal with geo-referenced data, data associated with specific geographical areas. The use of GIS software in such industries as finance, insurance, real estate, retail, health care, transportation, and mobile promises to improve productivity. The newest edition of the 1993 original describes how a GIS system can be successfully integrated into a company's existing management information system, with insights on the specific costs and benefits involved. With a view toward the latest technological wrinklesóWeb-based implementations, mobile systems incorporating GPS, and higher capacity personal computersóthis newest edition offers up-to-date advice on GIS's newer and more sophisticated uses. The book also demonstrates how GIS improves both tactical and strategic business decisions, and details the software now available for incorporating GIS into a company's operations.