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Inside 3D Studio Max 3 Modeling, Materials and Rendering : Modeling, Materials, and Rendering
Author: Boardman, Ted / Hubbell, Jeremy

Cover: cover
Pages: 707
List Price: $59.99
Published by New Riders Pub
Date Published: 09/1999
ISBN: 0735700850


From architects and engineers to Web site and computer game designers, one of the biggest challenges facing 3D graphics professionals is working efficiently and quickly enough on image creation to have time for final tuning. Inside 3D Studio MAX 3: Modeling, Materials, and Rendering is the tool that professionals need to meet that challenge.

Written by two of the 3D graphics industry's leading experts, this book is an in-depth guide to the advanced modeling, texturing and rendering features of 3D Studio MAX. It provides real-world tutorials, advanced tips and insider tricks, taking readers beyond the basics into high-end techniques. The focus is on efficiency and productivity, and on reducing the time needed to create models and special effects in a cost-effective manner.

The CD-ROM is loaded with MAX and AVI files, models, materials, and textures for use with the book's tutorials.

  • Develop architectural models, industrial and mechanical design models, real-time 3D game models, cinematic and high-detail models, and character models
  • Develop designs based on naturally occurring materials, man-made materials, fictional and special effects materials, and animated materials
  • Use 3D Studio MAX 3 as a 2D paint tool
  • Render cameras, camera effects, lighting, glows and lens flares, highlights, and focal effects
  • Share AutoCAD and 3D Studio MAX files
  • Design with plug-ins