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Inside 3D Studio Max 3 Modeling, Materials and Rendering : Modeling, Materials, and Rendering
Author: Boardman, Ted / Hubbell, Jeremy

Cover: cover
Pages: 707
List Price: $59.99
Published by New Riders Pub
Date Published: 09/1999
ISBN: 0735700850

Table of Contents

Part I: Modeling
Chapter 1: Modeling Concepts
Chapter 2: Architectural Modeling
Chapter 3: Landscapes and Building Enhancements
Chapter 4: Industrial and Mechanical Design Modeling
Chapter 5: Modeling for Real-Time 3D Games
Chapter 6: Cinematics and High-Detail Modeling
Chapter 7: Character Modeling

Part 11: Materials
Chapter 8: material Concepts
Chapter 9: Designing Naturally Occurring Materials
Chapter 10: Designing Man-Made Materials
Chapter 11: 11 Designing Fictional and Special Effects Materials
Chapter 12: 12 Animated Materials
Chapter 13: 13 Using MAX 3 as a 2D Paint Tool

Part III: Rendering Effects
Chapter 14: Cameras, Camera Effects, and Lighting
Chapter 15: Glows and Lens Flares
Chapter 16: Highlights
Chapter 17: Focal Effects