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3D Studio Max 3 Professional Animation with CDROM
Author: Jones, Angie Davis, Brandon Miller, Sean Olsen, Shane Bonney, Sean

Cover: cover
Pages: 500
List Price: $49.99
Published by New Riders Publishing
Date Published: 02/2000
ISBN: 0735709459

Table of Contents


Part I: Animation Techniques
1: Animating with Multiple Modifiers

Part II: Character Animation
2: Basic Character and Creature Skeleton Setup
3: Advanced Character and Creature Setup
4: Animating a Walk
5: Facial Animation
6: Animating with Biped
7: Animating with Physique
8: Mesh Deformation

Part III: Animating the Environment
9: Animating Cameras
10: Animating Lights and Atmospheres
11: Particle Systems, Space Warps, and Dynamics Simulations
12: Deforming Objects with Space Warps

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