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Inside 3D Studio VIZ 3
Author: Hubbell, Jeremy / Boardman, Ted

Cover: cover
Pages: 689
List Price: $49.99
Published by New Riders
Date Published: 09/2000
ISBN: 0735710023


Taking what you know about design, form, and composition in the real world and translating it into the digital realm can be a significant challenge. If you're looking to make the most of 3D Studio VIZ, this book is the perfect companion. The concepts and tutorials contained within are proven in the field: they address specific issues raised in 3D Studio VIZ courses throughout the country. Inside 3D Studio VIZ 3 explains VIZ like no other learning resource. The projects- and tutorials-based approach takes you beyond tool-related issues and urges you to think "what if?"
  • Use proven modeling techniques to design effectively and productively
  • Master animation from walkthroughs to complex inverse kinematic assemblies
  • Learn to effectively use VIZ with LightscapeTM
  • Get a grip on navigating the VIZ interface and customize it to suit your needs
  • Work with real-world and virtual materials to achieve the best rendering results
  • Communicate your designs from a wide variety of output options