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Table of Contents

Inside MapInfo Professional
Author: Larry Daniel,Paula Loree,Angela Whitener

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List Price: $56.95
Published by Delmar Thomson Learning
ISBN: 0766834727

Table of Contents

Ch. 1Introducing MapInfo Professional and Desktop Mapping1
Ch. 2Whirlwind Tour: A Field Trip with MapInfo Professional11
Ch. 3Managing the MapInfo Professional Environment47
Ch. 4Queries and Browsing83
Ch. 5Displaying Maps135
Ch. 6Creating Thematic Maps175
Ch. 7Editing Attribute and Graphical Data237
Ch. 8Creating Graphs277
Ch. 9Preparing Hardcopy Output295
Ch. 10Advanced Tools321
Ch. 11Advanced Data Manipulation Options367
Ch. 12Customizing MapInfo Professional with MapBasic391
Case Studies435
AppMapInfoDATA Products479