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Reuse Methodology Manual for System-On-A-Chip Design (Please Refer to ISBN 0792385586)
Author: Keating, Michael / Bricaud, Pierre

Cover: Hard cover
Pages: 240
List Price: $94.00
Published by Kluwer Aademic Publishers
Date Published: 05/1998
ISBN: 0792381750


"The scope and value of this book is really impressive! I especially like the practical nature of the rules and guidelines."
--Jake Buurma, President, Implicit Technology, Inc.

"The RMM is an excellent handbook that guides the IC designer through the finer points of designing reuse. Although experienced designers will find most of the concepts familiar, the organization of all these ideas within a single volume, specifically aimed at developing systems on a chip, is a major step forward."
--Andrew K. Betts, ST Blue Book Program Coordinator, SGS-Thomson Microelectronics