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3D Modeling in AutoCad : Creating and Using 3D Models in AutoCAD 2000
Author: Wilson, John

Cover: cover
Pages: 400
List Price: $44.95
Published by Miller Freeman Publishing
Date Published: 11/1999
ISBN: 0879305517


From drawing plans for the latest car to a dream house, AutoCAD is the drafting and drawing program of choice. If you have a working knowledge of AutoCAD, this book with CD-ROM will help you advance to the program's next level -- its remarkably powerful capabilities in 3D.

Leading you step by step toward mastering 3D design and drafting with AutoCAD 2000, John E. Wilson fully explains the concepts and principles of the program's 3D features, and provides useful illustrations, examples, and hands-on exercises. The book describes every 3D command in detail, reaching beyond AutoCAD's on-screen help and program manuals to guide you through working with 3D wireframe models in 3D space; building surface models; solid modeling; 2D output and paper space; and renderings from 3D models.

With a CD-ROM of corresponding utilities, exercises, and sample files -- plus bonus files -- 3D Modeling in AutoCAD: Creating and Using 3D Models in AutoCAD 2000 is your key to the world of 3D wizardry.